Tuesday, June 9, 2009

An Ode To My Chinese Slippers

(Er, pardon my silly mood.)

My Chinese slippers,
An ode to thee,
For the faithfully loyal
Way you've served me.
It was on canal street
That I first met you,
Searching for bargains,
And out of the blue,
I chanced on a bin,
Where you sat inside,
You didn't reveal yourself,
But chose to hide.
So I persevered,
I kept up the chase,
And then pretty soon,
A smile hit my face!
I found you there,
In your purple-y glory,
Your size was right,
And so that was the story.
I took you up,
To the front of the store,
I offered the cashier,
A dollar-no more.
She looked at you,
Then my eager face,
And said to me,
With lots of grace,
"Okee one dallah
Give to me now"
So I dug up some coins
Just don't ask me how
And now you are mine,
You'll be for a while.
Cuz I don't really care
That you've gone out of style.
Wherever I go,
You just follow me
No pressure, no worry,
Anivusdik as can be.
And it's really so special
You don't seem to mind
What some folks might view
As being unkind.
It's not out of spite
That I do what I do,
You understand I assume,
Why I step all over you.
But today I won't do that
Instead I'll say thanks
And let you know
That you've joined the ranks
Of things that I need
That I can't live without
And though I step on you
There's simply no doubt
That I like you a lot
And I'll keep you forever
Or at least until
That last thread will sever
Cuz then I must tell you
You simply must know
That back to canal street
Is where I will go
And I'll look through those bins
I'll look really well
Until I find a new pair
That looks really swell
But listen my dears
Until you will break
We'll travel together
A threesome we'll make!


corner point said...


Too funny! "the last thread will sever," so heartzig and romantic...


Floating Reflections said...

:) cute!

anon#1 said...

Ya mean to say you don't have any CROCS?!?!?!

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

First of all, I like your picture of "A blog of something different"!

and very cute poem, loved it!
I've actually never owned a pair...guess what that means... :-)

Something Different said...

CP- yeah, it brought tears to my eyes. ;-) What happened to you not liking rhyming poems??

FR- hey thanks! :-)

Anon1- no! isn't that horrific?? LOL I think they are both ugly but Chinese slippers are a dollar and crocs are 30 dollars...um, let's think... ;-)

JSB- LOL. I get linked on your sidebar? Woohoo!

Anonymous said...

very cute!

Something Different said...

Freyda- thanks. This was written in the shower, as I pondered life without slippers. lol

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

SD: yes you do! 2x
and re the comment to Frayda, you are so cute!

Something Different said...

JSB- I noticed I started getting a lot of hits from your blog. Thanks. :-)
And sure I am cute....thats what they say about me. :-p

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

SD: your welcome!

yea, and don't forget, funny, too!

Something Different said...

JSB- lol! that's the first thing you ever told me... thanks

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

Your welcome!

yea, I remember...memories :-)