Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Top Ten Made Up Thoughts

I'm sitting here in Starbucks, trying to think of a Top Ten Tuesday idea. I'm looking around at the people around me, and I realize that their thoughts would make a great top ten list. I kinda feel bad for the people I stared at, because their thoughts written below are completely made up:

10) "This line is taking forever, which is a good thing because I have nothing better to do."

9) "My parents are boring me. When can I go back to school? And why do they pay for this bitter drink?"

8) "All that money I spent on this fancy new orange bag and nobody even seems to like it!"

7) "I just spent half an hour reading the paper and I have no idea what it said becaus I've been watching that cute guy at the next table the whole time."

6) "I don't find my friends pictures very interesting, but I better fake it cuz she paid for breakfast."

5) "I wonder if my girlfriend thinks my new sunglasses are as cool as I think they are."

4) "I only got this iced coffee so that my friend will ask why I got a cold drink on a freezing morning. He didn't even ask."

3) "I don't have money for a cup of overpriced coffee, but I can sit down and get out of the cold and hope that nobody notices."

2) "Sitting here with a cup of coffee, a blackberry, and a laptop, I look like I actually have a job. Nobody has to know that I'm unemployed, and just sitting here on facebook."

1) "Look at her, so self absorbed, just typing on her itouch. I bet she hasn't even noticed that anyone else is in this store."


G6 said...

cute wrap up :D

(but actually I was thinking, I wonder if she's the one who's coming to dinner Friday night, because regardless, she definitely knows who is ;). If I buy her a coffee, will she tell me? )

Dude with hat (aka BTS) said...

Which Starbucks was that?

I like 3rd from top, 4th, 5th, 7th and 9th (oh so sad though!). 10th is obviously about you though :)

MusingMaidel said...

Very cute. I especially love the last one ☺.

itsagift said...

You got this idea from Invisible Me, didn't you? To play a game, in the coffe shop, and try to read people's minds!
But they're cute ones!
It's just hard for me to comment on them when they aren't numbered - can you number them please?

Something Different said...

G6- Had you been there and offered me a free cup of coffee, I would probably have spilled the "beans." (Get it?;)

BTS- Not the one you were in. ;-)

MM- Yeah, I added it in after, but I like it. :-D

IAG- Nope, I always do it. Have been for years.

itsagift said...

Thanks for numbering them - now it's easier for me to comment :-)
10 - Glad my life is not that boring!!
8 - Was that MP or one of her friends?!
6 - Good one!
5 - Sunglasses? In the winter?! Am I missing something?
2 - Oish. I hope he finds a job soon!
1 - That was you, right?

Oh, and about the game, it's a fun one! Gotta try it next time I'm waiting in line...it will make the wait much more interesting!

grinfish said...

you still hang out at Starbucks after you got your espresso machine?

Rachelli Dreyfuss said...

I love this Top Ten Tuesday! My fave is the last one and number four... hmm... inspiration for writing anything can be found in starbucks! (and you wrote this whole thing on your iphone?? don't your thumbs hurt??)

frumcollegegirl said...

i'm guessing which Starbucks you were in, the one that's my second home during the semester...next time you're there tell me and i'll come play with you! by the way it's an awesome game to play in the airport, because there are always eccentric-looking people around

lvnsm said...


Something Different said...

IAG- Yep, 1 was me!

GF- I drove someone to an appointment, and killed the time while they were in there at starbucks.

RD- About 95 percent of my posts are typed up on my ipod touch. :-)

FCG- as I said to grinfish, this was not near my house, but I would be very happy to have a starbucks date with you. :-D

Michaltastik said...

Hey, I love comments, too and I love the cupcakes!

Something Different said...

Michal- thanks! There's a post explaining the cupcakes in the FAQ section of my sidebar.