Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Bursting the Happy-Bubble

I really think this older sister/aka red light/aka annoying/aka miss perfect of mine is really a blessing. Yes it is frustrating that I go to lechaims, vorts, showers and weddings and I am not even in shiduchim yet, but this sister of mine is really (unknowingly) helping me a lot. 

(scene: my house.)
[Phone rings]
My father: I am not getting it it's not for me.
My mother: I don't feel like getting up now. If they really need to reach me they can call my cellphone.
My 14 year old sister: Can someone run get the phone! It might be my best friend!
My 22 year old sister: IT'S NOT FUNNY!! It might be someone calling to redt a shiduch! Mommy, you HAVE to pick up!

Now, realize that 99 percent of the time the calls are not shiduch related. (Not such a big deal when you stop to consider that 96 percent of the calls to my house come from my little sister's best friend.) 
I am now talking about the one percent. The shiduch calls.

Nosey Shadchan: I am calling to redt a shiduch.
My mother: ok.....?
NS: for your daughter P (short for perfect).
My mother: oh.

And the conversation goes on. The point of this entire very long, drawn out post is that they are ALL for my sister P. But of course! Why would anyone be calling for SD? She is not in shiduchim yet! As soon as P gets engaged...the phones will be ringing off the hook for SD (something different). Ye right. 

So you see why it's good I have this older sister before me? I kinda dread the day my sister gets engaged. Then I will be getting the calls for me. But that's another depressing post...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Blob of Something Different

One of the greatest books in the world is The Twinkie Squad, by Gordon Korman. In it, there is a group of middle school children who don’t fit into the typical mold of all the other children. Therefore, they are forced to join the schools “special discussion group” known to the rest of the school as the “twinkie squad”. As described by Douglas, the ringleader of the group, (or chief twinkie, depending on who you ask.) middle school is like a well oiled machine in a plastic factory. In goes a blob of plastic and out comes a little toy dinosaur or some other little trinket. The Twinkie Squad is the story of what happens when you put a blob of something different into the machine.
That is the story of me. A typical Bais Yaakov girl on the outside, a blob os something different on the inside. I never DID fit the usual mold, and I don’t see how I ever will. This blog will record my journey to finding a different sort of prince charming, the sort that doesn’t mind a blob of something different. (Hence known as a BOSD)
Please join me on my journey. It will be a roller coaster ride on some days and a boring trek on others. But one thing I will promise you is: it’ll be something different.