BOSD Glossary

BOSD= a Blob of Something Different (that's my blog!)

SD= Something Different. (And that's ME!)
MP= Miss Perfect. Just the kind of sister you want ahead of you in shiduchim.

MG= Madame Genius, the best-worst kind of big sister to have. (At least she is married!)

DPC= Different Prince Charming. My personal Prince Charming. (Not to be confused with Priveleged Character)

MOTS= More Of The Same. The rest of the (frum?) world.

EBM= Everyone But Me (has it good, while bad things are:)

NIMBY=Not In My Backyard.

SMC= Sadly Misinformed Classmate. A spinoff of the:

SMI= Sadly Misinformed Individual, or a person who just doesn't know what life (or whatever else) is all about

NS=Nosey Shadchan, "mamalah, have I got a boy for you!"

PS= Professional Shadchan. The biggest mystery of all.
WMS= Well meaning shadchan. Often a friend or family member. Often someone who pities you.

TBB= The Big BUT! Why else would a guy want to date me? (rolls eyes) ~or~ The Best Boy. Kinda like opposites...

MWMF=Mother's Well Meaning Friends

LT = Little Tzadik'l. In reality, anything but little.