Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Top Ten Things I Learned From Shopping With MP

10) If you are ever in a mall with a Neiman Marcus, don't use the mall bathroom. Use the bathroom at Neiman Marcus, it's kinda like being in a five star hotel.

9) Couture smells like feet. I kid you not. Juicy had some shoes that said "Smells like couture" written on them. Simple math. Shoes smell like feet. Couture equals feet.

8) There are people who will spend $25 on a juicy toy for their dog to chew on. I wonder if the dog wouldn't rather a juicy steak for that price.

7) People will spend over a hundred dollars on- sit down- a towel. Yep, just because it has a billboard on it.

6) It is perfectly acceptable to wear velour sweatshirts in the summer if it has a j hanging from the zipper.

5) "Juicy" is no longer an adjective used to describe a delicious piece of fruit. It is a noun.

4) There are people who will PAY for the privilege of pre-shopping a Nordstrom sale.

3) A skirt is not just a skirt. It's a theory.

2) This one is useful actually. Makeup prices from national brands are the same in Macy's as they are in Neiman Marcus and Saks. Only in Macy's they don't bow down to you.

1) I am willing to subject myself to an afternoon of shopping with MP for the sake of a blog post.


Sun Inside Rain said...

Waddaya know? I can title this: Top Ten Things I Learned From Something Different.

Thanks for the education.

Mystery Woman said...

I was wondering about #6. I see it a lot, and it makes me hot just to THINK about velour...but now I know it's acceptable!

itsagift said...

Gosh, you are funny!

#6 - My little sister does that. Thanks for explaining the logic behind it. I shouldn't be so surprised, I was with her when she bought it and she was so excited about it! Not because she liked the color of the sweatshirt (it was light purple, not BLACK :-p) but because of the hanging J from the zipper.

Can you explain # 3?

#1-C'mon, I'm sure it was fun to check out all the fancy stores!

Data said...

Wooooo, Neiman Marcus!

When I was a kid I was introduced to the NM bathroom. The dressing rooms are a pretty close second.

The only problem with makeup purchases in NM is that there are more Macy's locations for returns.

As for Juicy, it's just one label. It took up 4/10 points? All the NM's are in awesome malls - where else did you go?

(BTW - a few NM Last Calls have their own bathrooms - much better then the rest of the outlet restrooms).