Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Top Ten Signs Your Coworker is Over The Hill

10) She puts on her glasses to squint at her blackberry.

9) He takes frequent naps at his desk.

7) When giving out her email address, she specifies "all lowercase."

6) The ringer on his phone is set to Sonic Boom level.

5) She collectively refers to the rest of the employees as "you young people."

4) He takes off a lot of time to go to doctors appointments. And he discusses them extensively when he comes back.

3) When at your desk, she exclaims repeatedly that you do things so quickly on the computer.

2) He spends a lot of time reminiscing about how different things were when he entered the work force 40 years ago.

1) He has a copy of 'Outlook 2007 for Dummies' on his desk. And he refers to it often.


tesyaa said...

Don't worry, you will be old someday too! (Sooner than you think). We geezers find some comfort in our situation, and this is one of them.

Mystery Woman said...

Whew...I was looking for the one that will apply to me, but none do. Yay! You young people can really give us old folks a complex.

Jughead's Hat said...

Number 7 FTW!!!

Anonymous said...

he or she?

frum single female said...

hmmm so what age do you consider over the hill?? actually number ten is my favorite. if someone pretends to be under forty but puts on reading glasses then you know that they are very close to forty or more likely quite a bit over forty otherwise they wouldnt be using readers.
you also have to figure someone is over forty if they are calling someone in their twenties a kid.

iRiR said...

Numbers 6 and 7 are the BEST! You made me near-choke on my grapefruit!

Number 3: I get that all the time, not just from old fogies.

Number 1: What "Outlook 2007 for Dummies"! It's "Crossing the Divide: From Typewriter to Personal Computer" (yeah, that's what PC stands for).

Number 11: They dial "1" before the area code when using a cellphone.