Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mah Nishtana Poem

Background: Erev Pesach, a member of my family received a yom tov bonus from their company: chassidish owned. Accompanying the check was the world's worst poem. Honestly. Had I been trying to make fun of ESL people writing poems, it wouldn't have been half as funny. Anyhow, a couple of hours later, at the seder, my family was still buzzing about the hilarious poem. So, when it came time for ma nishtana, I made my own little rhyme-on the spot. Don't anyone think this was my best effort at poetry. It was my best effort at bad poetry.
Please note: grammar mistakes are intentional. Poem should be read with a think yinglish accent.

Why from all of the other nights,
Does the night of Pesach have
such different rights?

On all the nights from the whole year
We eat all kinds of yummy cake and bread
But on the night of pesach we eat only matzah,
cuz that's what Hashem said!

On all other nights from they whole year,
We eat all kinds of vegetables so delish,
and tonight its only marror
on our dish!

On all the other nights from the whole year,
we don't dip except ah bissel tomato dip and chrein,
and tonight we dip two times,
But it's not even a pain!

On all of the other nights from the year,
On our couch we recline,
but tonight we lean,
when we drink our wine!

(To any chassidish readers, don't get insulted! I love chassidim, I just think the majority of them needs to stay away from poetry of all sorts. ;-) )


the apple said...

Sorry - I can't help myself - the first stanza should say "such different rites"

Something Different said...

Apple- Lol, you really don't know chassidim, do you? Trust me, it's rights. :-D

Inspired said...

Careful SD, never judge a group based on the actions of a few. I guess you don't know too many chassidish people...

MY Design said...


halfshared said...

You're terrible ;-)!

the apple said...

I guess I don't. Why is it "rights"?

Something Different said...

Apple, simply because it rhymes with nights. Kind of like the poem that mentioned that on Passover you can't eat appleturnover. It's all in the name of ryming, not making sense.

the apple said...

But if it's just for rhyming purposes, it should say "rites"

(Sorry, I know I'm dragging this)

Something Different said...

I love dragging.

Your mistake is in assuming that someone knows the word rites.


itsagift said...

This poem is simply hysterical!! I can just imagine reading it with that bit of yinglish havarah!

But, if you are reading it with their havarah, chrein doesn't rhyme with pain. Unless that's the point, for it to be a mixture of english and yiddish.

Either way, this poem is really funny!! Great job!