Monday, April 12, 2010

Where is SD? A Motsville Times Exclusive

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The rest of the article, which has been finished on page 72, right after an MP sighting report, reads:

Get over it. I’m back now, and even working on a fiction story.”

And, as usual, SD urged her readers to continue to provide lots of feedback. “In any way you want. Comments are obviously best, because everyone can read them and discuss it, but an email, IM or text is good too. I love hearing from fans!”


kasay said...

Very cute, and very original.

MY Design said...

Hey, Hey.. getting scared.. ok so if the writers block affected your TOP TEN list for Tuesday here's mine:


1)INTERESTING - a little peek into the life of a blob... it's gotta be interesting.

2) FUNNY c'mon it's funny... when i find myslef laughing out loud to the screen.. ya.. SD hit home again.

3) INSPIRING .. no doubt about this one. I find this blog on a whole... overall... to be VERY INSPIRING. So much to learn from.

4) OUTLOOK GAIN .. if you look closely there are plenty of subtle or not so subtle tips on living life in the "real world"

5) BLUNTNESS (is that a word?) I guess becuz of the anonymous status you chose.. you get to be so lucky and SO BLUNT. you know... like say whatever, whenever you want... and I love it. It puts me in my place sometimes.

6) COURAGEOUS - come to think about it... most of your readers are fellow bloggers... and that makes them all courageous... but i have to admit keeping a blog.. and especially one that is followed ad much as this.. is definitely courageous. It's not something everyone can do. to be so open. so real. to post. to hock. to vent. to laugh.... all in public... it's courageous.

7) EYE-OPENING - i get a little "zoom in" to the life of shidduchim from someone else's point of view... and i find it eye opening. Every person has their own experience in this journey through shidduchim. everyone is different. I like the posts on shidduchim and your view.

8) INFORMATIVE - I get free updates on topics of all sorts. Latest HP coupons, How to build my next snowman, the ins and outs of life with diabetes, that my shalach manos falls into an official category, and even some holiday- relative shiurim.

9) IRONIC - hmmm can't get much into this one.. but YA very ironic indeed.

10) COMMITTED - most important is the commitment i see towards this blog. It's like I know there will always be a fresh post or one that is on it's way.. we're gonna keep checking.. so keep posting.

Hatzlach. and Thanks!

p.s. what happened to the Definition section, I almost forgot what MP stands for?

grinfish said...

this was worth the wait :)

itsagift said...

Just wondering why the date says "Tuesday, April 14th" when in fact today is the 13th?!

MD-That is so sweet! I agree with all your Top Ten!

Something Different said...

Kasay- Did you miss the first edition of the paper?

MYD- THanks! So sweet!

GF- :-)

IAG- THe 14th is bad luck.