Friday, April 23, 2010

Packing Tips Anyone?

I've just come to a startling realization.

I, apparently, have an unhealthy obsession with bags and cases. Any size, color and shape. You name it, I have it. Three storage boxes in my closet, all of which contain nothing but bags and cases.

It might stem from my organization. I need to know where everything is at any given moment. I also love having things fit nicely in a pocket of a bag, as if the bag and the object are a pair of lonely singles waiting to be matched up by me, the master shadchan- er, packer.

Whatever the reason is, I am starting to feel like this is actually a hindrance when packing, not a help. I know, it's insane. Who wouldn't want a million different cases and bags to pack their things in? But that's really where the problems start. Take my makeup bag-turned pencil case. It has two big pockets, two medium pockets, and one small extra secure pocket. It's great! It must come along with me! But what should I put in it? Maybe the more portable parts of my marker collection? (Er, did I ever mention that I love markers?) Or perhaps it's better for small necessities, like airplane sized hand cream, advil, tylenol PM, a brush, a tweezers... Or should I use it for it's intended purpose and put makeup in it? But on the other hand, which idiot brings makeup with them on vacation?

Then there is my all-purpose tote bag. It needs to come along, right? But how should I use it? Should I use it as my handbag? Or should I pack some of my things in it? And what about a backpack? Should I bring along a big one and a mini one, or is a big one enough? And what case should I use for electronics? The normal case I use won't be big enough, should I bring along two cases or search my three boxes for a better sized case?

Oh, and I just thought of the toiletries! What size case do I need for them? The huge one? But it's probably too big. Should I use the smaller one? Or perhaps I should bring both along? And what about my light purple tote bag? The size and shape are great, but what can I put in it? And where on earth are my shoe bags? I don't want to stick my sneakers straight into the suitcase, do I?

As you see, I don't like packing. But it's kind of necessary, I am leaving to Israel on Sunday. Oh, did I not mention that? Well, yeah, I won't be posting much, I guess it will depend on the amount of free wifi Israel has...

Anyhow, if anyone has packing tips or suggestions, please leave a comment/send an email. I tried to use MP's list, but I don't think it was in English. What's a Puma?


Bz said...

How long u coming here for? Ever think about permanently staying? If yes.... you're invited to go shidduch watching. Or something else slightly more interesting. You choose :-)

Inspired said...

No tips, just wishing you a great and pleasant trip!

Have fun!

Frum N' Flipping said...

You're coming to Israel?! Awesome! Wanna meet up? It can be a Bad4Shidduchim club event

Something Different said...

BZ- I don't think I would stay permanently. But I wish I were rich enough to pick up and visit all the time. ;-)

Inspired- THanks!

FnF- Twas so nice! Thanks again!