Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Top Ten Ways You Know You Date a Ton of Boys

Usually, when I write a top ten list, I have trouble getting ten. When it's an easy list, I can get seven or eight items without too much trouble. When I only have four or five, I know it's time to call in the specialists. And by specialists, I mean Bad4 and occasionally Bas~Melech.

You see, I think this top ten list has great potential. The first item came easy to me. It has actually become a family joke of sorts. But that is where it ended. And when I have only one item for a top ten list, I know that it's time to call in my readers.

Here's number one. Let's see what y'all can come up with for the other nine:

You know you date a ton of boys when...

1) ...The cookies stay fresh through five boys!

Let's hear your top ten now...
(And before anyone suspects this of being autobiographical, let me remind you that I am sister to a Miss Perfect.)


stam[azoid] said...

you have to start alternating between more than one "first date outfit" so you have time to wash the first date outfit(s) between dates

aminspiration said...

you can get your date look done perfectly in 15 mins or less.

iRiR said...

You wear fancy clothes all the time, cuz why bother changing?

Not original. How about this one?
Your sister, who's been taking a pic of each boy (from the upstairs window), says the memory card is full!

Sefardi Gal said...

Oooooh this is fun! :D
1) You can't go to a vort, wedding, shiur, shabbaton, restaurant, mall, or supermarket without seeing an ex-date.
2) The waiters at cafe k, sushi metzuyan, olympic pita, amazon cafe, noi due, cafe muscat, and sunflower cafe have ALL seen you on a date before.
3) Your standard first date outfit is worn out. The black skirt is now off-navy.
4) You actually finish your food during the date
5) You keep mixing up the guys' names
6) You start ordering beer instead of diet coke
7) In order to remain parve, you plan your meals based on your date-of-the-night
8) You don't have time to have a social life with friends on weekends anymore. Saturday night and sunday are booked.
9) You wrote a book about shidduchim.
10) You sold your car because you don't need rides anywhere anymore. You manipulate your dates to take you to your destination.

Hypothetically, of course. :D

AEF said...

I read a shidduch to someone (a older male single) the other day, and the first thing he said was "What's her name? I may have dated her already.

So I guess you can add

2 - If more than 50% of your shidduch suggestions are people you previously dated.

Bas~Melech said...

You're on a first-name basis with the doorman at the Marriot.

(Does the Marriot have a doorman? I didn't date a ton of boys, someone will have to educate me...)

SternGrad said...

I started making a list, but it seems other people thought of the same ones as I did!

I'm posting them anyway, even though they have been said already...

1. You never have to worry about what’s for dinner
2. You avoid calling the guy by his name, simply out of fear of saying the wrong one
3. You have to do a lot of laundry to keep washing your dating outfits

PNN said...

...when the shadchan offers you frequent flier status.

I'm compiling a shidduch dictionary. What the shadchan says vs. what it really means. Come on over and add your favorite Shadchan lingo!


Kew Gardener said...

My mother had dated so many YU guys that people started asking her, "well, what did Rabbi Soloveichik say in shiur today?"

Anonymous said...

1) You get told your own dating story
2) You get told the same stories by different guys
3) You later date the people you were told about on your date
4) You already dated the people you were told about on your date
5) You give directions to where you're going - forget the GPS...I have one in my head
6) You know intricate details of the goings-on and politics in every yeshiva
7) You date the guys who were references for the previous ones
8) You get the guys you dated as references further on...well that one hasn't happened to me yet (or #1)
9) Everyone you know finds out you're busy, because everyone keeps trying to set you up
10) Random people stop to tell you they heard about the previous night's activities because the person you met while out reported back...

Mushkie said...


iRiR said...

Mushkie, totally not! You've only looked at a few posts, if you can say such a thing.

Mushkie said...

Oops that came out unclear, let me rephrase: the #1 way to know is that you have a blog filled with only shidduchim info. SD deserves a huge 'pat on the back' for not falling into that category, but she is a rare breed.