Monday, January 31, 2011

The Benefit of a Date

(I'm posting this from my iPhone, so I'm going to have to post the link the old fashioned way. If anyone knows of an app that will let me do a hyperlink on here, I'm all ears, er, eyes.)

Bad4 posted a long and very good post about the benefits of shidduchim. (You can read it here: However, she missed one very important and simple benefit.

I used to think it was only my family that had moments like these. Two of the married siblings were there for shabbos, along with their very cute but very messy brood. Toys are strewn about all of the main lingo areas of the house. The yeshivah bochurim were home for an off shabbos, and left a trail of hats, laundry and other miscellaneous paraphernalia in their wake. A mess like that is rather unmotivating, and so it idles.

And that's where shidduchim are useful. A friend of the family, who has a number of children in shidduchim once looked at her (to put it kindly) untidy house and proclaimed: "what this house needs is a date." Yep. A date. A deadline to buckle down and clean up the mess.

And that, my friends, is the number one benefit to shidduchim.


Data said...

That's why I like meeting guys off home property. No need to clean.

Kathrin said...

For the link I have a suggestion: Just use html code for that:

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G6 said...

You hit a chord with this one.
Thankfully, I have a few years yet until Jen is old enough and we have to have the "dreaded painters discussion" in earnest.

itsagift said...

You make a good point. There's nothing like those frantic few moments (or hours?!) before the date - cleaning the house and getting it all ready cuz HE'S coming!!