Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hereby, Forthwith, and All That Other Stuff

That's it. I quit.

Seriously, when I applied, I had no idea what I was signing up for. The toilet paper, the toothbrush- they have nothing on me. This job is the pits, plain and simple.

My first interview feels like yesterday. It started with MP elbow deep in my drawer, scrounging for what she deemed "appropriate" for the occasion. My hair was scrutinized, ("you'll have to wear it down.) My makeup was subject to strict critique, ("not too much, you don't want to look like a clown, but not too little; you need to look put together.") Then we tackled my shoes. Don't even get me started.

I arrived at the interview exactly on time. As I walked in, I tried not to think about MP's opinion of such compulsive behavior. ("You don't want to look too desperate.") Keeping all of the (unsolicited) advice in my mind, I walked in. I like to think I appeared natural, but not overconfident. Smiley, but not smug.

The lady who conducted my interview was pleasant enough, but underneath her friendly demeanor I could tell that she was asking some pretty pointed questions.

I won't relive the follow up interviews. Suffice it to day that I did not enjoy them. Not at all. The end, I repeatedly told myself, will justify the means.

Yet as the whole process dragged on, I started to lose hope. Maybe I won't get this job. Maybe I don't even want this job.

And hear I sit, thoroughly absorbed in this business, and it doesn't live up to the hype. It doesn't live up to any of the glorious expectations. Others seem happy here, but I think this job is a heap of abuse.

And I've had enough. Why did I sign up for a position that would constantly occupy my thoughts, cause such misery, and pay so little? When did shidduchim turn into a full time job anyway?

And so I quit. Hereby, forthwith, and all that other stuff. Who else is jumping ship?


Mystery Woman said...

Don't quit...
You're way too young to be feeling this way.

Sorry you don't like that...and too bad. :)

Frayda said...

Good luck! I don't think that just by saying that you quit actually means you are quitting. However, if you send me your profile, I could keep a lookout for a guy for you. ;)

Mystery Woman said...

Don't quit. :)


English Major said...

I had a friend of mine who was also threatening to "quit," and I can't quite understand what there is to quit from.

Hishtadlus does not require you to kiss up to a bunch of women who claim to be shdachanim. I've only gone once or twice, and since no date materialized from those rather painfully frustrating outings, I don't bother.

Shidduchim is one of those situations when one really has to trust in God, and let things come to you. A very low limit to proactive action is called for here.

You make a point to look good, and that's all you've got to do. Look it up.

Anonymous said...

Finally, someone else who thinks like me! I know just what you mean! I would love to quit too-thanks for the inspiration!

Primum Non Nocere said...

Quitting is all well and good, but where to from here? Don't jump ship until you build a raft...and when you do, make sure there's room on it for me. :-P

Primun Non Nocere: City of the Strange or Ir Shel Chesed

Anonymous said...

She sounds a little like you, sometimes

Mushkie said...

very creative...
hope it works out. if you want a distraction, there's a really interesting personality test that i just got stuck into, enneagrams or something like that, very interesting lol :)