Sunday, January 11, 2009

D-Myths Lesson 2: Diabetes is Contagious

While many diseases are contagious, diabetes is not a disease, remember?
Type 1 diabetes is caused by unknown reasons, but they are pretty sure association is not one of them. I mean, take my friends, THEY don't have diabetes. And if I was able to give diabetes to somone, I know some of MWMF that might enjoy trying it first hand...
I'll admit that I never had personal experience with this matter. I mean, I was diagnosed too late in life to have kids in my class taunt me by calling me "sugar girl" and run and hide as a result of their fear of catching diabetes.
So, while I don't think this myth is very widely believed anymore, I wanted to throw it out there. Unfortunately, I can't give away my diabetes. I can't even share it.


anon#1 said...

It's a good thing you can't share your diabetes. But please keep on coming with the lessons you learn from having it!

Mikeinmidwood said...

Youre not sharing with me! Im not your best friend anymore. ;)

Something Different said...

Anon- I'm not so sure...LOL. I do have some excellent lessons to share so bare with me, k?

MIM- my best friends don't have it. Though I do get paranoid every time one of them says they are thirsty. I don't have the link now, but go to my diabetes blog and read the post called paranoid? Oh yeah!