Tuesday, January 27, 2009

SD Needs:

This is a meme that was going around the various diabetes blogs a while ago. Here's how it works:
You type "[your first name] needs" into google. (If you have a very Jewish name it may not come up with many results. Try an englishized version of your name or your legal english name if you have one.) Copy and paste the words into your blog.

I think you are supposed to tag people or something...but I am really not into that. So I'll just tag everyone. It's really fun and good for a laugh...even if you don't actually post it...try it!

SD needs a Productivity Partner to help her stay on track
Maybe then I will be able to get some work done...any volunteers?

SD needs help!
And who doesn't need help?

Now that is different. Do I need your help? What help can you offer me?

SD needs lipstick to ski
LOL to this one. I don't understand it at all. (Maybe that's cuz I don't like to ski, so I don't know about these things.)

SD needs friends
Is that implying that SD needs them more than most people? Or that SD needs friends the same way that the whole world needs friends? Hmmm...

SD needs a death benefit of $425000
SD doesn't really care if it is a death benefit or not, in fact, she isn't sure what a death benefit is, but she does need 425,000 dollars.

SD needs to loose that irritating and inappropriate giggle
I think they mean my cackle. My father always tells me that it is awful and unladylike and I should stop it.

SD needs to borrow $100
Not if I get that death benefit.

SD needs art & craft materials for her summer craft camp
SD is not making a summer craft camp. SD has never been to a summer crafts camp and doesn't quite know what making one would entail. But she is pretty sure she wouldn't want to make a summer camp of any sort. 

SD needs our support
Ummm....monetary  support? Cuz then that all comes down to this death benefit. Or are we talking about emotional support? What kind of support do I need? Please give me some suggestions. 

Wow. That sounds urgent. I don't know why though, because I don't ride bikes. I like cars better. Maybe with my driving style I should wear a helmet anyway.  

SD needs to forgive Judith!
I don't even know who Judith is. So, yeah, Judith, whoever you are, I forgive you.

SD needs to be answered
That is very true. When I text someone and they don't text back I find it very frustrating. Don't do this to me. I also don't like not getting my blog posts answered.  Please comment.  

SD needs to land a full-time job quickly
No. That is about the last thing I need right now. I think I need that death benefit so I can quit my full time job. 

SD needs some visitors
Now?  No thanks. SD is tired and needs a little peace and quiet. Try her again next week. 

SD needs to vacuum
How true, how true. Unfortunately her sister broke the vaccum cleaner and she is waiting for her father to shlep it back to the store to return it and get a new one. 

SD needs to go to bed
She really does. And she didn't even have coffee today! 


halfshared said...

Lol! Liked the helmet, the forgiving Judith, and I'll try to make you happy by answering your blog posts and...

little sheep said...

well...i think the answers one makes sense. g'luck w/ that!

Inspired said...

Cute one!

FYI, death benefit is probably referring to life insurance;) just make sure I'm the beneficiary...

answered? same here:P

Dude with hat (aka BTS) said...

Wow, that's cute. (You asked for commenting, right?)

Waiting for your reply on cgms

Something Different said...

Inspired: do you have any sinister plans to get rid of me? Oh, and you of all people should know that I can't get good life insurance till my A1c comes down below 6.... (or at least 7. I should have nailed it when I was at 5.7 for 6 months, huh?)

BTS: inspired is helping me, we are trying to write up a post about CGMS-just for you. Give us a few days, k?

halfshared said...

Goodness gracious, all this shorthand. MBB, TBB, A1c, CGMS...I'm totally confused!
SPHMUAT (if you want to know what that stands for, you need to ask fast before I forget it myself).

Something Different said...

HS: I didnt get enough sleep last night to even ATTEMPT that one....
(My Best Boy, as opposed to The Best Boy.
A1C- short for Hba1C or hemoglobin a1C, the average blood sugar of the last three months. Kinda like a report card for a diabetic....even tho the doctors tell you it is not such an important number..... funny enough, me and inspired had the same a1C last time...but I will leave it to her to decide if it is good enough to divulge. The shadchanim might be monitoring my blog.)

Dude with hat (aka BTS) said...

Sure I'll wait. But I just asked how much it costs...

Inspired said...

Sorry, didn't realize... I can't afford to loose you, for no money;)

As for life insurance; remember, type 1 is the severe kind, you'd have to be lucky to get something decent:sigh:

If only a1c's could be nailed down... a cure sounds more like it.

Something Different said...

Insp- Awwwww! i am so touched.....
you made me rofl- why do you keep reminding me that I have severe diabetes?? I have every intention of growing up a little so I can outgrow the JD and I'll have the less severe kind-then maybe I can get myself some life insurance. Good thing I have a friend who is a professional in the field.... ;)
And don't give up-remember my 6 months of 5.7??? (If you are a shadchan, that is in the non-diabetic range. Please email me for the number of my PR agent.)

G6 said...

Are mine the only ones that came out unrepeatable...? With a Jewish name, no less.... half were foul....

Cute meme, though!

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

I started typing a long comment earlier, and then my computer shut down on me :-(

Basically, I wanted to start reading your blog from the beginning, but I haven't had time yet, so for now I'll just start from the recent post. And I really like your writing style, your funny! :-)

I really like this meme, I'm gonna try it too.

the lipstick for skiing is strange, not sure what that means either.

I had another comment before, and now I forgot what it was.

Something Different said...

G6: weird....I did this a while ago, so I cant remember exactly, but I remember leaving some out. I don't think it was because they were unrepeatable, but I could be wrong.

JSB: Awww...shucks! I wanna read it!
Thanks for the compliments-I hope that I don't bore you...
Bout being funny....yeah, they say that about me! :-D (LS, please dont hate me for saying that...)
When you think of it, let me know-I am waiting up to hear. ;)

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

Your welcome, don't worry I don't get bored easily.

Thanx, I'll let you know...

Soul Comfort said...

nothing came up with mine.
I guess I am just too jewish.