Monday, November 2, 2009

Introducing: A New Species

I started discussing senior moments in my last post, but, surprisingly enough, I feel about a hundred years older now than I did then.

Firstly, I have to say that I find first time mommies adorable. Especially when they are your friends. I mean, we have already discussed the sequence of events that leads to a slow deterioration of the brain cells when a friend of yours undergoes that species change from homo-sapien to brido-sapien. Yesterday, I bore witness to an astonishing fact. The brido-sapien is nothing compared to the mama-sapien. I mean nothing.

Here sits a friend, who in recent months has shown signs of her complete re-entry into the human race, cooing at a little shriveled up Bundle of blankets as if the blanket actually knows what they are saying. Then she introduces me to the Bundle. I mean, this is a great friend, so by default I like her kid, but seriously. Do I need to be introduced to a one-week old baby?

Being introduced to my friend's five-month-old baby was weird enough. "Say hi, Yitzy!" But at least little Yitzy had the good grace to look up from the sock he was chewing and give me an adorable smile. The Bundle, on the other hand, went right on sleeping.

And then there was this whole method of introducing me. My friend cooed at her baby, "this is Mommy's friend!" I looked behind me, expecting to see my mother there. Mommy's friend? Me?How can it be? I'm just a kid!

Or am I?

Am I the only one who feels like the world is growing up too fast?


nmf #7 said...

You're growing up too- if you have a friend that's a mom :D

And, all the research says talking to little ones as if they understand perfectly what you are saying is the best for them cognitively.

Catpcha: Loggic. That would be me. Logical.

Inspired said...

LOL, mama-sapiens are way worse then brido-sapiens. Try talking about something unrelated to babies, impossible!


thinking out loud said...

Not only do they tell their kids (note: the plural ain't a mistake) "say hi!" but they introduce me as 'Tanta TOL'
I used to call my mother's friends Tanta so-and-so cuz "they're older, and it's not derech eretz for you to call them by their first name only"
Does that mean i'm older? [sigh]

Jessica said...

My son is going to be a year old next month.... things are definitely going way too quickly.

@thinking out loud - I refer to my friends as "Crazy Aunt _____" -- not so much because of derech eretz (or lack thereof), but because I want my son (and any future children) to feel a closeness to my friends... more like they're family than just "mom's friend".

thinking out loud said...

jessica, i guess that was part of the reason too... but for some reason i only remember the part of them being so much older than us :-/

MAK said...

Ha,I have an aunt that's my mother's best friend, and her kids are pretty much the same ages as my brother and I. I always kid with CJ that she'll be an aunt to my kids.

itsagift said...

What happened to your dentures? Or are you still looking for your your glasses so you can find for them??
Oh, I see them! Your glasses are on your head!
Now where are those dentures???

mama-sapien said...

how true is this!! my baby is 2 months old and that is probably how i intoduced her to "sd". but now she can actually give u a real smile even if she has no idea what youre saying

Something Different said...

NMF- I am, but I don't wanna. :-/ And is that even for when they are sleeping? ;-)

Inspired- To quote my newest mama-sapien friend, "the baby is the boss around here" ;-)

TOL- Erm, yikes, I hadn't thought of that. But yeah, I've been introduced as tanta also, it makes me laugh every time!

Jessica- I think you're right about the aunt thing.

MAK- Yeah, that makes sense.

IAG- Still looking! LOL!

MS- I gotta come see that real smile.... Glad you're not insulted! ;-)

Inspired said...

ROFL so true! or when asked if she's bored I get an answer like "between feeding and crying I hardly get a chance to breath never mind sleep"

Something Different said...

Inspired- Yeah, but I think they seriously overdo it. :-P