Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Top Ten Blogs I Wouldn't Follow

(Though this week's Top Ten Tuesday post wasn't a reader's idea, I do appreciate all of your awesome ideas and hope to see 'em up on here pretty soon. I continue to seek Top Ten Lists, so please let me know if you have any ideas!)

10) I Date Too Much: the chronicles of a girl who dates The Best Boy every night

9) Ewww Gross: fascinating lessons culled from fifth grade science class, changing diapers and the dumpster

8) Ten Million Sheep: a peek into the mind of an insomniac

7) Hair Conditioner World: a blog dedicated to conditioners of all sorts, Including formulas and folklore!

6) Just Me and Myselves: a blog about schizophrenia, mental health, and why we don't want to get treated

5) Why People Call Me Boring: a journey of self discovery

4) Lessons From a Lamp Post: how an inanimate object provides me with daily inspiration

3) A Day In The Life of a JAP: I mean it when I say I've got nothing to wear!

2) My Kid Is So Cute: Adorable episodes from the life of my month-old baby

1) Adventures of a Nosy Shadchan: ruining girl's self-esteem for fun and profit


thinking out loud said...

We'd love to contribute to #6! ;)

... said...

I disagree with #6, sounds pretty cool - & original! #5,4,3,2 seem to cover most of the blogs out there

G6 said...

"Tales Of My Hernia Surgery": with bonus posts about colonoscopies and adverse flu shot reactions in honor of NaBloPoMo

Anonymous said...

there are some of those that i would follow. :)

David_on_the_Lake said...

lol...very funny.

You left out my favorite blog..
Figment and I..
My life as a character extra...for other peoples dreams...

Something Different said...

TOL- It's all about teamwork! (What do you think makes BOSD so good? :-P )

... (What a name, you must be very quiet, huh?) Do you know any schizophrenic people? I do and I wouldn't wanna read her blog... Bout 2-5, and yet you read them? Ugh.

G6- I love your comments! You're the only one who adds to my lists... I guess nobody else was paying attention when I said I want them to. ;-) And I don't really like NaBloPoMo cuz of that. The posts are about quantity not quality.

TB- Which?

DOTL- I dunno if I get that one. [scratches head]

itsagift said...

Cute blog title for #8 (not that I'd follow that one either LOL)!
So which blogs would you follow???
Or is that for another post?!
Oh, and btw, I follow your blog, you should be honored!!

Something Different said...

IAG- When I can't sleep I think a peek into my mind would be a lot more interesting than ten million sheep. Lol.

itsagift said...

SD - LOL I'm sure it would be! I never found counting sheep that interesting...not that I ever tried it! When I can't fall asleep, I think there are a thousand other things going through my mind and sheep would def not be one of them lol!

Something Different said...

IAG- I never understood the counting sheep thing, to be perfectly honest. I don't fall asleep when I am bored, my mind just wanders.... Plus those sheep sound like something off of blog number six, no? ;-)

Anonymous said...


Something Different said...

Anon- thanks for the link. Somehow I am not surprised. Lol.

Anonymous said...

You forgot the blog I keep meaning to write: the acne blog -

Some highlights:
The group of blackheads who colonized the right side of my nose yesterday climbed the divide and expanded their territory...

...a campaign of benzoil peroxide vanquished the evil red blister on the forehead! Victory is ours!