Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Top Ten Posts You May Have Missed

It's been almost a year since this blog began, and I know that many of you have only been reading recently. Therefore, for this week's Top Ten Tuesday I decided to point out some of my old posts that you may have missed. Here goes:

10) A Blob of Something Different - This was the first post ever, and it explains why this blog got its, er, creative name.

9) The Big BUT - Why I cringe when someone says they have a shidduch for me.

8) The other meaning of TBB - TBB is an acronym with a dual meaning. Read about it here.

7) MP...Kinda HTBT - If you want to understand what I mean when I say "MP" you should probably read this post.

6) Golda Perel Schwartz - Chazal say k'ney lecha chaver, and I did just that.

5) Free Fun In NYC - The only thing that would have made this day more fun is if MP had been there to be embarrassed of me.

4) My Shidduch Plan of "Attack" - This post is one of my personal favorites because I got it back on my IRL email address as an email forward. Sweeeet.

3) Developing Normalcy? - People are just weird.

2) A Comment About Comments - Don't make me say this again. I love comments.

1) The Legacy of Lot's Wife - Don't ask me why this is my favorite post, but it is. It's SD style philosophy I guess, with an explanation of why I shouldn't sit in traffic too long.

Enoy all of these posts, and comment on them (even if they are almost a year old!).


thinking out loud said...

Thanx for the links... i actually think i've read them all already!
half a year is not as long as a year, but hey! its still some time ;)

Something Different said...

TOL- Hey, say it like it is! Six months and one day!