Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Multicultural Moments

Episode 1:

I baked some more hamentaschen the other day. Proud of the way they looked and smelled, I packaged some up and brought them into work.

As I held some out to one of the non-Jews who works in my company, I was mentally preparing an explanation about traditional Purim cookies and triumphing over our enemies. But I didn't need to bother. She took one of my cookies, exclaiming: "Oh, Hamentashen! Those are my FAVORITES! I must get the recipe from you!"

Episode 2:

A couple of frum people I work with were standing around shmoozing at work. Suddenly, a non Jew walked into the room. He decided to shmooze too.

"So you guys have a holiday coming up soon, right?"

We all nodded. "We do."

"Purim, right?" He looked proud.

Again, we nodded.

"So what is Purim all about? Are you celebrating an event?"

We explained that we are, but under further questioning, we had a hard time explaining what happened in the Purim story. Finally, he attempted to help out.

"I think I know what Purim is. Isn't that the time when some high up political figure wanted to kill all of the firstborn Jews, and so they all painted their doors?"


Rachelli Dreyfuss said...

hehehe! they know more than we think!... at times...

My father had a co worker who called them "hammershlagers"

tesyaa said...

What is hard about the Purim story? You can always fall back on "they tried to kill us, God saved us, let's eat!"

MY.D. said...

They feel so good about themselves that they know.. no? its cute!

itsagift said...

I love the second one!

Mystery Woman said...

I like tesyaa's line. Works for almost every Jewish holiday.

Mushkie said...

very cute :) i was flying home and one of the stewardesses was persian, she was FASCINATED by the whole story, but she didn't really get why i was going home :)