Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Top Ten Emails That I'd Rather Not Get Again

Two weeks ago, Top Ten Tuesday highlited annoying computer users. Lots of commenters seemed to hate the obsessive compulsive email forwarder. This week's Top Ten List is a compilation of some of the emails I HATE getting.

10) Send this to ten people then watch your screen. Something hilarious will happen. THIS IS NOT HARRY POTTER FOLKS! THERE IS NO MAGIC!

9) Get a free laptop by sending this email to a bunch of people and CCing Anna.swelung@erikson.com or whatever. Sorry dudes, Anna Swelung ain't got no extra laptops to hand out. In fact, she doesn't exist!

8) I'm dying of cancer and the only way I can be saved is if you forward this email because aol will give me fifteen cents for it.
If AOL really knew which emails you were sending to who, would you really not be scared to use emails?

7) Microsoft is teaming up with AOL to distribute their wealth. Er, I'm mixing something up with Obama here, but really. I have a hard time believing that folks think Bill Gates is handing out checks for forwarding his email.

6) Look!!! I found your driver's license online! And haha you look like a monkey!
Makes me wonder if there is inteligent life on THIS planet.

5) Cell phone numbers will go public next month!!!!!!! If this happened every time they say it would... Sigh.

4) You will die an explosive death if you talk on your phone while it's charging!!!!!! Oh, and the graphic pictures of the supposed demise that should have happened to me numerous times don't make the email any better...

3) I Cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg...

2) Anything with poorly photoshopped pictures of disturbing things such as a barber shaving the hat off a British soldier's head, or a cat holding a baby. Ugh.

1) This email actually irked me to the extent that I wrote a rebuttal. I used to send it as a reply-all to people who sent the original email to me. It didn't stop people from passing the email back on to me, so I stopped sending it. I'm talking about the email that comes with the subject line:
Or more specifically,
"Signs you live in the year [insert current year here].
Seriously, that email was funny in the '90's, I'm sure, but it isn't anymore! It's just outdated.
Who wants to see my version?

Which emails do you not want gracing your inbox ever again?


itsagift said...

Totally agree with you! That's why I always use Snopes(even though I know before I check that it's a hoax).

How about all the things not to do when you are in a parking lot, like:
If someone comes over to you and asks you to smell perfume DO NOT smell it because it has drugs in it.
Or the one about if you find a flyer on your windshield after you already got into the car, don't get out of your car because they're gonna hijack your car. Instead, put your car on park and get out of the car to take the flyer off the car...

All of these things are so filled with nonsense, it's amazing how some people are so bored, they have nothing better to do than make up some silly emails so everyone can forward them!!

I think I got each and every one of your top ten - and more than once!! Gosh.

Jughead's Hat said...

I hate the "look at these amazing photos" emails. They are either not that amazing or photoshopped.

Bored Jewish Guy said...
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G6 said...

I'm tired of the links to petitions for everybody's "causes".

Do they really think that these online petitions do any good?!??

Michaltastik said...

I used to have an obsessiver forwarder. I don't remember how, but I got rid of her.

a fan said...

There are so many of these emails I can't even think of any specific ones. But my husband is quite excellent at writing these long rants going through the email line by line pointing out each fabrication of the hoax, ending with the link to snopes. He then hits the reply all button. Unfortunately, he hasn't done this since the time the email came from my grandmother. She was not too thrilled about his snarky response. Ah well, it was fun while it lasted :-)

ms said...

"A woman walks into a pet store..."
did any of you ever get that one?

The guy gives her a paper bag and she looks inside and screams.

"Press F5 or F8 or F6 after sending this to 100 people and you'll see what was inside."

oy vey...

Mushkie said...

The worst is when my younger siblings fwd me the "please pass this on to everyone you know i will get 15 cents", i tell them its narishkeit and they're like, "But Mushkie! How could you? She's DYING!" The ones you said were pretty funny tho :)

itsagift said...

ms-I've gotten that one a bunch of times too!

How about an email that has FWD: FWD: Fw: Fw: Fwd: Fwd: in the subject line and then there are so many email addresses that you have to scroll through to even get to read the email, it's almost not worth it! When forwarding an email, at least delete all those email addresses so I can get to the point!!

Ariella said...

you don't get the letters from Nigeria?

itsagift said...

Ariella-oh yeah!! That's SPAM in all it's glory!

Staying Afloat said...

"OMG! I just made this great quiz! Come and take it! Click here to find out if you're a fun friend!!!!

(I may have been in my daughter's email account lately.)

Frayda said...

love #3!