Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Top Ten Apps I Couldn't Live Without

This week's Top Ten Tuesday is dedicated to my friend, who just bought an iPod touch. She wants to know which apps to get, so here goes:

10) Siddur- there are a number of em on the app store, but the siddur app from Rusty Brick, while not cheap, is excellent. You can chose from any nusach, including some I never heard of. The tefillos are very clear and organized, and it is calendar sensitive, i.e. It will automatically include yaaleh veyavo on rosh chodesh. And hey, it even has shabbos and yom tov davening!
Nah, I tricked you. Haha!

9) Cuberunner Lite- I. Love. This. Game. Firstly, it's free, so IMO nobody is entitled to complain, but this game is just plain awesome. What I love about it is the simplicity. No complicated graphics or controls; it's just you and your accelerometer.

8) IM+ - I have a love hate relationship with this app. I always forget to sign myself out, then I have people mad at me for ignoring them, but in general, it's excellent for making sure you are more connected than bubby ever thought possible.

7) Dictionary- I'd venture a guess that the app store has a bunch of these, but I use the one from dictionary.com. One app has the dictionary and theasaurus, plus no wifi connection is required for basic functions.

6) Flood-It- This game is great for mindless playing. Unlike accelerometer games, which you can't use in a crowded waiting room, this game is totally non obtrusive. It also doesn't need too much concentration, which makes it ideal for boring phone conversations. Er, I shouldn't admit to that, should I?

5) Unblock Me Lite- Rush hour minus the complex graphics. Fun, and more importantly, free.

4) Calorie Check- in case anyone was wonderig why a person like me, who needs to have accurate carb-counts for food, doesn't have a carb counting book in my (duffel) bag. This handy app is the reason. Without a wifi connection, the user can get calorie, fat and carbohydrate information and a whole ton of foods.

3) Easy Relax- I don't rememer if this was free for a limited time only, or it's always free, but it's pretty cool. Think, free customizable sound machine. [super fast voice]iPhone or iPod touch not included. Some restrictions may apply. See app store for details.[/super fast voice]

2) Face Melter- this is one of the few apps I actually shelled out my hard earned cash for, but it was worth every penny. Call me cruel, but there is nothing quite as satisfying as puffing up MP's cheeks and distorting her Perfect bump. :-D

1) Blogwriter Lite- this, my friends, is the reason BOSD is still in existance. It's the entire secret behind my blog. Nobody seems to believe me, but 99 percent of posts get typed up right here in this very app. In fact, I live in total fear of my iPod getting lost, simply because I have about 50 or 60 different blog posts in varying degrees of incompleteness, stored nowhere but Blogwriter Lite.

Which apps do you use?


grinfish said...

oh wow! i think i want an itouch :p :) :D

stam[azoid] said...

somehow i have never paid for an app. there's almost always a free version available...

i always worry that my iphone is running slow because i have too many apps so i'll constantly delete apps i havent used in a while and sometimes add some more.

here's a list of some of my favs: (again, always the free version lol)
-calendar (i know this comes on iphone but i sync to my google cal. life is simple again)
-facebook, twitter
-the weather channel
-intuition (just got this, awesome all-in-one to do/list/cal app)
-flixster (movie times, purchase online, etc) and what's on (tv listings)
-add birthday + birthday list (which i used up until i just added bdays manually into my google cal and set to repeat yearly.)
-PS (photoshop) Mobile
-Words With Friends (scrabble! and u can play ppl u know!)
-Line Up
-Snail Mail
-Rock Band
-diner dash, wedding dash, sally's spa, etc. all time-management themed games

Bz said...

reqall. Very cool.




If you jailbreak:

on my iphone no itouch....

itsagift said...

Woah, what a list!! Now I really wanna buy an iTouch! But for now I'll stick with my iPod :-)

Okay, first of all, I love the way you put the html codes by #3 and added the line "iPhone or iTouch not included"!! That was too funny!! I can just imagine that squeaky voice saying it really quickly like on those commercials!

10-Does it really add in yaaleh v'yavo on rosh chodesh?! Cuz that is too cool!! wow!

2-Poor sister of yours! Does she know what you do to the pix you have of her in your free time?! But I still like the way you say, "distorting her perfect pump" - that's too good!!

1-Yup! I got to see that app in person while SD quickly scrolled through her many unfinished posts. It's a real cool app! Hope to see some of those posts up here soon!! Which reminds me, I wanted to help you with one of the top ten I had noticed there. :)

Anonymous said...

I use the Rusty Brick Siddur, Unblock Me and Skee-Ball, that's it. Most of the iphone's capabilities are completely wasted on me.

Mikeinmidwood said...

Ive heard paer toss is the most addictive game out there for an ipod touch, cant believe you dont even mention it here

Mushkie said...

Man i want an iTouch now...:)
the absolute nuttiest (read: best) that one of my friends has is the "don't click here" app. it's SMASHING! You can keep clicking on it for hours - i know, i did once :)

Something Different said...

Grinfish- you really do. :-)

Stam- I also download and delete. It works well. :-)

BZ- what's reqall?

IAG- Most electronic calendars do it.

Anon- They are, lol.

MIM- I downloaded it and didn't like it, so I deleted it.

Mushkie- Is it free? Gonna download it. :-)

stam[azoid] said...

just discovered Freeappaday.co. They make paid apps free for one day. Yesterdays was gnesters kingdom or something. I'm addicted!