Sunday, January 31, 2010

Chill Out

In recent years, as tu b'shvat came closer, a flurry of excitement passed through my friends and classmates.

"Tu b'shvat higiah, chag labachurot!"

Or, more direct:

"The freezer (clap)
Is open (clap)
The freezer (clap)
Is open (clap)
Go out (clap clap)
Don't get cold feet!"

Some were decidedly less cheesy. A simple "Its tu b'shvat, where will you be tonight?" And of course, people made some heavy assumptions. I'm sure every female reading this has gotten both the text and the email of the poorly photoshopped yeshivah guys popping out of the freezer. The wedding music that always accompanied this text/email made the expectations pretty clear.

And people always rushed to provide.

The first year post seminary, a huge number of girls got engaged within the first month after tu b'shvat. The second year, too, saw a bunch of engagements littering the front page of only simchas. But then the numbers start to dwindle. After a while, a girl gets older. She looks at the newly defrosted yingelach as cute little boys. And when I say cute, I mean it purely in the little kid sense.

If the folks at NASI will just excuse me for saying this, I am pretty sure I'm a little too old to get excited by the freezer door opening.

I won't deny it. My father asked me to pass the fruit plate on shabbos. I told him it was too heavy. "Just tell me what you want me to pass you."
My father looked at the plate. "I want some dates."
My answer was so obvious, everyone looked at me expectantly, waiting to hear it. "Me too."

But somehow, I just don't see him as still being partially frozen...


kasay said...

Tu b'shvat higiah, chag labachutot

Some kind of typo? what does that say?

Bored Jewish Guy said...
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Atara said...

This post made those of us not looking for Lakewood guys (or learing guys at all) feel a little left out...I am very much in the parsha and didn't get any of the freezer jokes you mentioned! (of course I know what the freezer is, but I didn't know the songs or get the photoshopped picture yet...:() But I must say, this post was a least quite amusing.

grinfish said...

Is lakewood the only place with the freezer rule?

Anonymous said...

Hey, don't rule out freezer boys!! I married one, and I wasn't 19. Yes, I was surprised, didn't think I'd go for someone that young, but it works :)

Shades of Grey said...

A good friend of mine told me that whereas Lakewood has the freezer rule, it seems that Lander's is a microwave. I don't go to Lander's, so I'll have to take his word for it.

Something Different said...

Kasay- Should have said bachurot, or females. I don't think its an actual word, but then again, neither are a lot of words that have permeated our society.

BJG- Yeah, I guess you never know. :-/

Atara- I didn't mean to make anyone feel left out...sorry. I can try to find the picture of the bochurim in the freezer- email me if you want it. justablobatgmaildotcom

GF- I don't know, isn't it? My father says they should stop putting the boys in the freezer and start putting their mother's into the freezer. Lol.

SI- Yeah, I guess. If you know of any good freezer guys lemme know. :-)

SOG- What does that mean? :-/