Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Top Ten Reasons I Needed To Buy a Bigger Bag

People can't figure out why I need to shlep so much stuff around with me all the time. They think my enormous bag must be filled with junk, but I protest that. My bag is simply filled with lots and lots of important stuff. I like to be prepared, that's all. For this week's Top Ten Tuesday, I suffered the ultimate humiliation, I cleaned out my bag and took pictures for all to comment on.

If this makes you scratch your head, you obviously never treated a high blood sugar. Or a low one.

This is the world's niftiest gadget. Wall to car adapter. Never go anywhere without it. Trust me.


Yes, my iTouch has a built in speaker. But hey, ya never know!

I am the kinda gal who likes to be prepared.

Er, very prepared.

I'm kinda surprised that I don't have more books in there right now. But I am glad my organizer was in there so I could show it off. I am not the organizer type. I am the I-will-store-this-in-my-head-somewhere type, which is why this makes me proud. :-D


Dead electronics are probably my biggest fear in life. I don't know why I only have my phone charger, my ipod charger and my bluetooth charger. Where in the world is my camera charger?

I know I am not the only one who carries to different memory card adapters. I just know it.


No, one pen wouldn't be enough.

MP points out that carrying blistex around is great, because it can double as lipgloss, in a pinch. [sniggers]


This, my friends, is why I haven't posted enough lately. Scraps of paper littering the bottom of my bag, mostly-written blog posts scrawled across them, never to be typed up. Sigh. Anyone wanna contribute towards the new (more portable) laptop fund? ;-)

(EDIT: Yes, I know there are two sixes. It's just cuz I am a show off.)


Frayda said...

wow! great post! i love #9.

G6 said...

You're a very brave woman to "go pubic" like this ;)
I just had this conversation w/ my husband yesterday after complaining about bag weight... all the essentials I carry around.

Staying Afloat said...

Looks about normal to me.(And such an awesome gadget! We have a car top wall, but not a wall to car.) The only reason not all this stuff is in my bag is because a lot of it is in my car. There;s nothing wrong with being prepared. Hope there's still room for your wallet.

itsagift said...

That's why I switched to a wristlet-cuz I was carrying waaaay too many things with me that I had no need for and my bag was one big mess!

It's fun to clean it out though, and find lots of things you were looking for, or better yet, spare change. Like, "Hey! I'm $2.39 richer today!"

10-I sure did scratch my head! And squint too! What on earth is that? (I can see raisins but that's all!)

2- oh yeah! Blistex is the BEST!

1-I thought you type up all your posts on your ipod touch! What would you need all those post-it-notes for anyway?! :-)

Mikeinmidwood said...

I was just in macy's this motzei shabbos. While my sister was looking around for a bag I picked up a few and saw the price of them, 400 bucks for something to hold things in!! and the cheap one my sister got was 75! for that price id rather go around carrying everything I need in a glatt mart bag.

Kathrin said...

You can't just carry around one pen. That one pen would invariably go lost, won't work when you need it, you'll borrow it to a friend and have no spare pen for yourself, etc. I completely agree!

And if it helps any, I carry around about as much - no wait, I also carry around one or two tumblers with that morning's drink of choice... ;-)

Youdontknowme said...
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FrumJewInYU said...

This list can double as a Top Ten Reasons Guys Think Girls Are Nuts list. Somehow I manage with one pen in my pocket (and a few in my knapsack and laptop case), and nothing else on that list. I'd excuse the diabetic stuff, though; that's pretty clearly necessary.

Michaltastik said...

"Lucky you, being a girl and getting to carry a big bag. As a guy there is no practical way to carry around anything bigger than a wallet. "

Not true... the man's purse is either a backpack or a breif case... excuse me, attache case....

Youdontknowme said...
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Ariella said...

Big bags are fashionable now. But mine is on the small size with some pockets. When I carried around a bag with one large compartment, I could never find my keys or cell phone. Now I just have to rummage around for my pen and coupons. Usually I only find them after they have expired.

Something Different said...

Frayda- Yeah, It's totally saved me.

G6- Lol, desperate for a top ten list is more like it. :-P

SA- My walled is TINY, that's the funny part!

IAG-Yeah, I use a wristlet when I am not in the mood of weight lifting.

MIM- The plus side of that is you can get featured on an ad too!

Kathrin- It doesn't spill? I'm phobic about spills.

YDKM- Lucky? Hmm. On the other hand, you don't have to shlep all this stuff. And wait till you get married, your wife will be asking you to carry it. THATS lucky, lol.


Michal- agreed.

Ariella- I never really pay attention to whats fashionable, but I guess it makes finding a bag easier.

Kathrin said...

No, the tumblers don't spill. They're really good actually. Even though they're not thermos', they keep the stuff at least semi-warm for about 2 hours as well.