Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Postscript

(Pardon me if this post makes no sense. I've just completed writing it and it's forty minutes past my bedtime and I don't think my eyes will stay up long enough to reread it. Which is just as well, cuz I probably wouldn't post this if I reread it.)

I think yesterday's post gave the mistaken impression that I only have ten things in my bag. I don't. I've mentioned before that I am ultra organized, so it's all arranged in cases and things. But I still carry more with me than I should admit to. But I will. So here goes, for the ultimate humiliation, the full contents of my bag:

16 oz hot cup and lid, (unused, I'm proud to say.) a packet of sugar-free hot-cocoa mix, an audio input cable, an orange pepper (I was WONDERING what happened to that!),

A wristlet, containing: seven bobby pins, the piece that fell of of my glasses (can someone please remind me to get it put back on?), a picture of two adorable little girls, a twenty dollar gift certificate to the local seforim store, a check for 14 dollars, a stick of yellow orbit gum, thirty nine dollars and fifty one cents (I suddenly feel very rich. Who wants to go shopping?), a folding pen with my name on it, a package of pink fruit-choice gum.

Back to the bag: a mini package of CVS tissues (unopened. Carrying them is an insurance policy against colds.), a pair of headphones.

A makeup bag containing: a mini tube of advil, a mini tube of Tylenol PM, two mini boxes of raisins, a traveling hair brush, a mini spray bottle of Lysol, a plastic CPR mask, a mini tube of curel hand cream, two sudafed tablets (in case the tissues insurance thing doesn't work, this is a total guarantee), a tube of blistex, a medicated chapstick, an insulin pen needle, four bic pens, two sharpie pens, one ultra fine point point sharpie marker (be impressed. I've graduated from carrying my entire marker collection with me. Why do you look surprised? Doesn't EVERYONE have marker collection?), one purple LePen felt tip pen, One prefilled novolog insulin pen, nine q-tips (again, all unused, you'll be proud to hear), five bandaids, one check (See, I didn't want to shlep around my whole checkbook, that would be totally unnecessary;-), a memory stick pro duo adapter, a package of yellow orbit gum, a folding mirror, nine dollars cash. Whew.

Onto the second makeup bag. (Gosh, if you wouldn't open them you would think I am a total MP!) A Bluetooth headset, a Bluetooth charger, two iPod cables (no, one wouldn't be enough. Duh.), a USB wall/car charger, a wall to car charger, an insulin pump clip (why that's there I don't know. I don't clip my insulin pump to anything, generally.), another memory stick pro duo adapter, cell phone charger, a spare iPod for emergencies (what do you mean you don't know what kind of emergency requires a spare iPod? You don't have them??).

Now back to the bag: A Practical Guide to Writing Fiction, an organizer which I have yet to update for today, a camera in a case, a pair of 100% cashmere gloves-14.99-awesomely warm, a handful of sunflower seeds (no, I will NOT count them. Sorry, I have some dignity.),

A THIRD makeup case, containing: my one touch ultra link (that's a blood sugar-or blood glucose, it abbreviates better- meter, for those uneducated folks.), two half empty vials of test strips, one lancing device (that's the nifty little tool that shoots a needle into your finger to extract a drop of blood. And if my doctor or mother is reading this, please do not note the absence of extra lancets in my meter case. I er, I um, changed it last year!).

Back to the bag, there is a stray quarter in the bottom, also a mostly-empty water bottle, and a couple of splenda packets (perhaps they were to go with the drink I never made in that cup?), a mini package of highlighters (trust me, this is better than it used to be. Think a fourth makeup bag filled with sharpies.), a roll of double sided tape, a jar of hemp foot protector (if you don't get it, you must not have diabetes either. Except I only put it on right before bed, so I don't really get it either.), my glasses, my wallet (it's tiny too. Really, it's tiny. More like a card carrier. I never carry more than I must, obviously.), a CD of the theme song for a tzedaka organization I volunteer for, two more sticks of orbit gum, another bic pen, and a handful of assorted gas, grocery store and drug store receipts.

That's it. Not too much, right?

Go on gals, do it! What's in YOUR bag? Don't be embarrassed, it can't be worse than mine!


itsagift said...

Btw, for those who wanna know, SD has all her things really organized. She showed them to me (uh, how many months ago?!) when we met for the first time! It was really cool to see how organized each thing is in each wristlet/makeup back/pouch. Every thing is in a special place. And if you notice, she grouped certain items together-that shows her organization skills!

So don't for a minute think that all of this is one big mess, unless she organized her stuff before we met up just so she can show it all off to me-but I highly doubt it!

itsagift said...

Oh, and let me share with you the full contents of my newly-organized wristlet. :-D

My American Express credit card, a card with stickers-after you fill up the card, you get the 15th car service free (I'm already up to #13!wohoo!), two singles, two twenties (go do the math yourself, it's pretty easy anyway), a receipt, a Sprint rebate card with $50 on it that I haven't spent yet, two more credit cards (for the stores that don't take American Express), two different bank cards, a metro card, my drivers liscense (yes, I do drive, but don't have a car, hence the card filled up with car service stickers), an asher yatzar card, a thick pile of my business cards (who wants one? I counted, I have 15 on me now!) a folded up paper with a store credit, a post it note with a tehillim name.

I also carry a bag with other stuff in it, but I'm not ready to give out all my secrets! SD, you are one brave gal!

Oh, and three nickles floating around on the bottom of my wristlet. I'm 15 cents richer today! :-)

And a keychain on the wrislet that says, "Gems my be precious, but friends are priceless." (awwww!)

Mystery Woman said...

lol....I love the one check!

stam[azoid] said...

i totally want to blog the contents of my suitcase -- i mean purse--- now!!!!

inkstainedhands said...

Um, SD.. Wow. You must also have quite impressive muscles carrying that around all the time. And I think nobody can beat your amount of things you carry around.

But here's my bag:
digital camcorder, memory stick duo adapter, camera, extra memory card, extra AA batteries, very heavy wallet with a bunch of cards and money and pictures and keychains and as much as I could stuff into it, keys, cell phone, tissues, bottle of Vitamin Water (worry not, it's a different one each day), cough drops, chocolate, lollipops, tissues, a couple of Sharpies, 4 pens, whiteout, two regular pencils with erasers, sketching pencils, notebook (sometimes two) with pictures of my rats stuck in just in case, regular paper, mini sketch pad, Blistex, chapstick, mirror, Purell, gum, bunch of receipts that I keep taking out but that keep accumulating anyway. If I'm going somewhere far or for a long time, I might also have my iPod, huge DJ headphones, headphone splitter in case anyone else wants to listen to my iPod, food, a book, more notebooks, etc.

I actually need to get a bigger bag because mine looks like a stuffed turkey when it has everything in it. It kind of looks like I'm trying too hard to fit things in that really aren't meant to fit in there. Anyway, I'm keeping my eyes open for bigger bags.

Kathrin said...

Wow, you really went through it all, didn't you? I hadn't believed you're only carrying around the ten (eleven?) things you posted yesterday.
As for the iPod emergencies - been there, know what you mean ;-)

As I have to switch my stuff to my other bag for work tomorrow (today was a university day, which means backpack), let me see what I have:
the following is always in the bags, as I have two sets: two different sorts of bonbons, some glucose bonbons, chap stick, concealer, wet tissues to clean my glasses (they're always dirty)

and the stuff I move back and forth: my wallet (big-ish with 8 cards for different purposes), a small organizer (have to update that one with all the birthdays from work later tonight), tons of tissues, the key to my parents' house, the keys to my apartment (5: building, apt., mailbox, lock for the lockers at university, cupboard), umbrella (whenever I leave it at home it rains), notepad for classes, small bottle of water, small mirror, hairbrush, cream, hand lotion, bonbons for after lunch, bandaids (different sizes), some meds (to prevent allergic reactions, pain med for headaches), 2 iPods, head phones, charging cable for iPod, cell phone, more tissues, lip gloss, hair clips, lots of pens and pencils etc., tiny sticky notes, my Dad's business card

and for this cold weather: hat, warm gloves

And I just removed three receipts.

Kathrin said...

Oh no! I completely forgot to mention: The book(s) of the day... Meaning: One book if I'm somewhere in the middle, two if I'm close to the end...

הצעיר שלמה בן רפאל לבית שריקי ס"ט said...

ISH: "digital camcorder, memory stick duo adapter, camera"- MAN,life ain't never gonna' pass YOU by...unrecorded.

הצעיר שלמה בן רפאל לבית שריקי ס"ט said...

Oh, and uh, I actually just got some DJ headphones myself. I tried to use them outdoors, but I just feel like a huge bozo, so..

Staying Afloat said...

Um, wow. At least you have an organizational system. Hurray for makeup bags.

I've got: Camera, phone, two string cheese wrappers, three granola bar wrappers, little notebook for writing down things that I forget to transfer to my big organizer, two checkbooks, wallet,pocket community directory, one-size-fits-all winter hat, source sheets and notes from my shiur, inhaler, assorted free-floating receipts, bluetooth charger (but no bluetooth- it's around somewhere), brush, baby book, three diapers, bib, wipes, empty Must gum box, plastic white fake-baseball, fake ticket-prize watch, proof of H1N1 vaccination cards for the kids, scissors, someone's toothbrush from their dentist visit, scissors, 2 programs from this year's HASC concert.

And now I am throwing the wrappers way.

I just bought a new bag, because my old one, which was perfectly shaped for carrying notebooks for the classes I'm no longer taking, never seemed to close. I love diaper bags, though. Everyone should carry them- the trendy ones. They've got so much space and lots of pockets.

Freeda said...

If I had about an hour, I'd tell you the contents of my purse. However...wait a minute. It was just cleaned out this week. Perhaps I can manage this....

Siddur, tehillim, umbrella, 2 cellphones, 2 cell phone chargers, 3 tax return forms...

Way too many things in here. Oh shucks, I give up.

Inspired said...

Whew! You're really prepared!!

Given the stuff you have there you're missing a spare infusion set & batteries. More useful than highlighters or double sided tape:-p

harry-er than them all said...

notice she has everything else, prepared for all occasions, but one check. SD, what happens if you happen to need more than one check in an outing?

Rachelli Dreyfuss said...

Well, I condensed to a wristlet.. but i did have at one point- a wallet, a cel phone, a camera, a MP3 player, eight hand sanitizers (yes.. I am slightly OCD) a siddur, a few tefillah cars, several lip gloss/eye liners... gum (LOTS of gum), keys, flash drives... but now that i have a wristlet, i only have my phone, one hand sanitizer (i dont know how i manage without the rest of them...) id, bank card, +other important papers (to do lists, maaser list), some gum, a siddur... and hanging off the side are my keys and flash drives...
now... my school bag is another story...

Rachel said...

I also do the bags, pouches and pockets method.

I carry a midsized messenger bag or small backpack style purse depending on where I will be and what errand stuff I need to schlepp.

my wallet- has all my cards including both mine and my daughter's buss pass. My TZ, 2 checks just in case. It is a nicely self contained fake leather thing with a bright pink lining I found at zellers for $5 about 5 years ago and it is perfect for me.

Purple clinique makeup pouch- this has the "stuff" you might need but not overly often. sewing kit, sealable travel soup, wet naps, package of tissue, feminine products, mini lysol, tide stick, divided pill container with advil, tums, gravol and benedryl, after bite and mini hand sanitizer.

business card case


black pouch- camera & betteries

pink pouch- mini sketch notebook, 2 pencils, eraser, black fine liner, 6 inch steel ruler, business cards, 2 repair envelopes.

front left pocket- things I reach for regularly. chapstick, keys, throat losenges. pen. small colourfull pouch with a folding mirror, some hair pins and elastics and perfume.

Front right pocket- palm pilot (has my entire inventory catalog on it) and phone. Also ipod and headphones when they are not in use.

water bottle and often a bag of cereal or a banana

I think that is it oof thetop of my head.

Rachel said...

ooops, forgot to add my notebook and fountain pen!

Rachel said...

and the mini first aid kit. This is what happens when I try to do it from memory

itsagift said...

Btw, SD-I think I deserve the credit for all the comments on this post! I started by revealing the insides of my wristlet and everyone else followed suit!

grinfish said...

think this is a jewish syndrome?

er... i don't carry anything with me...
i lose things faster than i can own them.
i'm lucky if i have pockets :)

Something Different said...

IAG- Nope, I didn't do it just to show you. I didn't realize I had even shown it to you.

MW- I don't carry around anything extra. Ever. :-P

Stam- Did you post it and take it down? I realized I never commented on yours (which I found really funny) and then I went to comment and it wasn't there.

ISH- That's it? :-P

Kathrin- good you understand about ipod emergencies, cuz doesnt seem like anyone else does. :-(

WYNI- Lol, yeah I was thinking the same thing...

SA- Lol, wow. How old was the old bag? Or should I not ask.... ;-)

Freeda- Lol, your a BOS, so I forgive you. :-P

Insp- Yeah the spare infusion set was used a few days before this post and never replaced, the battery must have also not been replaced cuz I usually have one.

HTTA- I kinda doubt it. I think I wrote a grand total of one check in my entire life, so I don't foresee such events.

RD- Lol, I can't reveal what I used to keep in my backpack in my highschool days. Suffice it so say the bag was enormous and stuffed and never had any books or school supplies. LOL.

Rachel- You sound like you're rather organized about things...

Grinfish- why Jewish? ANd yeah, I hear that. I lose things that I shlep. FOr some reason, I shlep em anyway. :-/

inkstainedhands said...

You'll be proud to know that I recently bought this HUGE bag that fits in many more things. I love it. I can even put in folders and papers and they won't bend or anything. A new world has opened up... This also means that when I go shopping and buy small items, instead of walking around with a few different bags and having to constantly check if I'm still holding all of them, I can just stuff it all into this bag.

stam[azoid] said...

yeh, i got self conscious and nervous so i took it down! :-P