Thursday, January 14, 2010

Right Way To Write

"Writing with a pen and paper is so much harder than it is on a computer. I'm so glad I didin't live in the olden days."

That was my facebook status the other night. (What? I didn't mention that SD did the unthinkable, she succumbed to temptation and joined facebook? Well I did. I'm not addicted yet, but give me some time. Oh, and once I'm there, befriend me, I feel seriously unpopular- Somethin Diff.)

Anyhow, back to my status, I was at someone's house when a story idea hit. My laptop wasn't with me, shockingly enough. I scratched my head in dismay, then finally asked for a pen and paper, and began to write. And by write, I mean the old fashion way. Actually forming letters on a paper- with ink. It was an interesting experience, something I haven't tried since high school.

And, it must be said, I didn't enjoy it. I mean, it wasn't too bad, but computers are so much easier, what with the backspace, spell check and the ability to save and backup files. And so, i figured I would share my frustration with the world. That became my first ever facebook status.

I would have forgotten all about it had I not gone to see the silk road exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History. The good news about the ultra steep admition price that I would have enjoyed the exhibit regardless of the contents. I'm the kind of gal who always gets my money's worth. I'm also the kind of gal who loves anything to do with history, so it worked out well.

I walked through the exhibit with my friend, reading and enjoying the information displayed. Suddenly, I stopped short in front of a particular showcase. My friend tried to pull me to move on, but I wouldn't move. I was awestruck. They described, in detail, the importance of paper to the silk road trade, and to civilization. In ancient times, the formula to paper making was so important, those who developed it guarded their secret to prevent its theft. Paper, folks, paper! The very same substance about which I had complained of using, was a rare and valuable commodity in the ancient times.

Never again will I complain about writing on just PAPER.


harry-er than them all said...

Facebook !? that is bad4shidduchim (you could prob rack up points for it)

I have found some of my better posts have started off on pen and paper, and then edited and transposed to computer. there is something about filling an entire sheet of paper (or two) with your thoughts and perspective, only to go on and share them. Not all need to be shared, but for me it definitely allows for feelings to come out unedited.

Anonymous said...

I find that when I'm writing for entertainment, like for my blog, or something fictional or the like, a computer is a G-dsend.

However, if I'm writing emotions, the way I feel, as a carthesis, paper and pen work miracles, the way you can grip the pen, get your face really close to the paper and FEEL.

They have their uses, but given the choice of just one, I'd take the computer.

As for Facebook....I have over 30 friend request pending. 3/4 of them are people i'm mildly aquainted with and who really's quite boring once you get over the thrill over how many people you NEVER thought would go near such Tumah are not only on there, but update their status more often than they breathe.

Michaltastik said...

We are friends. Someone suggested you as my friend and I friended you. I remember writing the old way. My mother (blessed woman-may she rest in peace) used to type up my papers for me on a typewriter from the 1970's. We even had to use something called "correct-type" to fix mistakes. I think my Junior year it was... she bought a fancy type writer. You would type a line and then hit enter and it would print the whole thing. It also had a fancy built in correct-type thing where it pulled the ink off the page. My senior year, for my birthday... (the day after my mother died) I got a computer.

Anonymous said...

Paper? Trade secret? How times have changed. You can make paper in your washing machine, if you're so inclined.

Something Different said...

HTTA- It doesn't count, its not under my real name.

SI- Yeah, I also find that the best way to write differs based on the type of writing and the mood I am in.

Michal- Wow, things sure have changed....

B4S- That's the point! And how?