Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Scoop: Last Night's Meet-Up

It's hard to believe that I slept in this morning, took a shower, had breakfast, cleaned my room, did laundry, and still managed to get my scoop on last night's get-together before anyone. Particularly, bad4 seems to get particular satisfaction from invoking fear in the hearts of her companions via threats about the posts she is going to put up. In fact, she spent the entire car ride texting (from my phone. Apparently I am not trustworthy enough to hold a phone and drive at the same time.) everyone about everyone else. Nobody was spared. Halfshared ironed her hair for the occasion. SD is driving like a maniac. Scraps got all dressed up. Bas~Melech has visiting hours, and Corner Point chose hubby over game and ice cream. Corner Point suitably named her "Gossip-Girl," which is a large part of the reason I can not get over her silence regarding the events.

In fact, neither of our married members, or Alumni, as bad4 calls them, were too keen on my suggestion; let Rabbi Corner Point and Rabbi Bas~Melech spend some time together, leaving their wives to eat ice cream. Don't anybody say I didn't try!

Midway through our journey, an emergency was uncovered. My memory card was found to be stuck in Bad4's computer, remnant of our early morning blobby-photo-shoot-uploading-session. Scraps and Little Sheep had a hard time understanding why bad4 and myself had a sudden tweezing emergency. (Do either of us look like the sort of gal that would freak out and shrilly announce that "there is no way I can be seen in an ice cream store without fixing up my eyebrows! I must have a tweezers!!"?) Halfshared had an ingenious solution of her own. "I don't have tweezers, but I have lip-gloss!"

At some point during our game, Scraps had the hiccups. Everyone knows that the best cure form the hiccups is to shock the patient. So I said, "Hey, Scraps, did you hear about the seventy year old lady that had a baby?"
She looked up, surprised. "No?"
I nodded. "She called Kupat Hair and she pressed the wrong number."
Alas, her hiccups did not cease, but it was good for a laugh.

Some interesting answers from our loaded questions game:
What nickname would you like to be called by?
Bad4 secretly wishes to be called Honey, Dearest (You know, if I didn't know better, I would think she is obsessed...;)
What compliment do you get most often?
Scraps is apparently more well liked than yours truly. She is a good caring friend. I am simply nuts.
Why does SD insist on being so________?
Halfshared thinks I am evil. I must not be, cuz I gave her a ride home after she wrote that. Hmph. And Lil sheep thinks I am attached to wifi. I am so not!

It might also be noted, that bad4 was a very good guest over shabbos. Most of the time. There were a few blogging slip-ups (which I will forgive, as they may have been a result of her 3am bedtime two nights in a row. Or the force-fed sugar), such as when she informed me, in front of MP, that she is planning to post pictures. I kicked her, and she amended her statement. "I am going to post them onto photobucket and email them to everyone I know." Riiight.
Then there was the time where she said, and I quote "I wouldn't know what to do with a website." Uh huh.


Anonymous said...

sounds like you guys had an awesome time - majorly jealous! :)

Rikki said...

Hey- sounds like i missed out on some fun! (BTW halfshared always irons her hair- so it wasn't just for the occasion)

itsagift said...

Sounds like you had lots of fun!!

Ariella said...

I like the kupat hair joke.

halfshared said...

Good job on the write-up! And the lip gloss comment was so that you'd have something to make fun of me about on your blog.

Something Different said...

Anon- You should be.

Rikki- It was. Our entire trip was held up so she could iron it.

IAG- Yep!

Ariella- Me too. :-D

HS- Yeah, and did I mention I wanna sell the brooklyn bridge?

Anonymous said...

ok, that was really funny

I love your kicking her!!!

Oh and how do you manage to keep it such a secret!!!!