Thursday, January 28, 2010

Respect Please?

I haven't been this annoyed in a while. I walked out of the wedding, exausted. It's late and I came straight from work. I just want to get home. My car is in a parking lot which is insanely crowded. I reach my car and want to scream. I suffice with an "Oh man! What an idiot."

The lady walking to the next car gives me a look. I guess I said it out loud. Well he is an idiot. There is about three inches of space between my car and the idiot who parked to my left. I squeeze by on my side, but when I open the door there isn't even enough room for me to stick my wristlet in.

I certainly can't get in.

It's late. I'm tired. It's the last thing I want to do now, but I go to the other side of my car. I open the passenger door and climb over. My wedding gear is not made for climbing. This is hard. I am mad.

I understand that the parking lot is crowded, but I just can't get over that lack of kavod habrios. Assuming they're right about Barbie's dimensions being physically impossible for an actual person, NOBODY could have gotten through. And that just seems wrong to me. If you can't leave enough space for the other car's driver to get in, don't park there. Oh, and did I mention how hard it was to get out of the spot?



Bored Jewish Guy said...

I hate when people do that, unfortunately it's very common for jews to drive and park like idiots. You can't go to any jewish wedding, shul or store without seeing some examples of this. I know it's not only jews that do it but we need to be more careful, it's a big chillul Hashem.

hugs said...

I'm just commenting cuz u keep telling me 2 but like I said it would make no sense but that's cuz I don't really have a/t to say since ur sooo right and it was put so well!!!

Staying Afloat said...

Oy. And again oy. I hate when that happens. Also, when someone parallel parks two inches from your bumper without considering whether there's any room in front.

May it be a kapparah, and count as your daily exercise.

harry-er than them all said...

like normal people, you get annoyed when other people are inconsiderate.

Bz said...

you should really get a copy of the "parking ticket"

It starts off telling them how inconsiderate they are. It ends of with a blessing of "may the fleas of 1000 camels infest your armpits."

Its a very satisfying resolution to your problem.

go get some :

SM said...

A friend went on a date, and upon returning to his car, and opening the door for the girl, realized that HIS side of the car was covered in bugs. I mean, CARPETED. No way to open that door without fillign the car with bugs.

So, what else to do? He went in through the backseat, apologized, and climbed into the front...I think the girl was a bit surprised...

Dude with hat (aka BTS) said...

As Moshe once said should've keyed that car.

Something Different said...

BJG- I agree completely. I sometimes volunteer for an organization which has cars with their logo on it. I always feel that when I drive a car with hebrew letters on it I have a HUGE responsibility to drive like a mentch, cuz everyone knows its a Jew driving the car.

Hugs- Lol, keep commenting!

SA- Amein!!

HTTA- In short, yes.

BZ- That was AWESOME! I should get it for MP's car, every time she parks it... ;-)

SM- Yeouch. That's awkward. Is the end of the story that theyre now married with then kids? :-P

BTS- How would that help?