Friday, January 1, 2010

Meet Blobby Jr.

2:00 am is an awesome time for building snowmen. The only drawback is the lack of bystanders, which means no bad4shidduchim points were distributed for bad4 and myself, the proud architects (gods?) of Blobby Jr. 'Tis a shame though, because Blobby Jr. is holding a beer bottle, and associating with drunken men late on New Year's Eve is definitely bad for shidduchim.

"Hello, Mom? Yeah, of course! No, I am not drinking! What makes you think so?"

Smeared ketchup mouth: about 15 cents
Baby carrot nose: about 10 cents
Leftover chanukah chocolate coin eyes: free
A snowman that's drunk from partying all night on New Year's eve: priceless.
There are some things money can't buy. That's why we have blogging.

For a full report of the night's adventures, which included a daring crusade into a male-inhabited take out store for midnight chulent, read what bad4 has to say here. I haven't read it yet, but if she makes excessive fun of me in the post, she isn't having any potato kugel on shabbos, so it shouldn't be too bad.


Bz said...

Hiiiiiiiiii Blobby!

Just in case you were wondering... bad4 wrote some mishmash.... I'm starting to wonder if it was her... :-)

harry-er than them all said...

wouldn't you be able to get bad4shidduchim points if it was on your front lawn? or would MP get them?

Erachet said...

Awesome snowman. Kudos!

G6 said...

What a great snowman.
And I'll bet it was much more fun to build in the dark :D
Hope the weather is kind to it so you can enjoy it for a while.

someone said...

all this without me??? no fair!!!

frumcollegegirl said...

i still can't believe Blobby bit the snow before i was able to come meet him! (her?)

David_on_the_Lake said...

I gotta say...all the snowman that somehow managed to survive from the blizzard of 2 weeks ago...all look kinda drunk..and in various states of grotesque deformity..
So sad watching them drip drip...

CG said...

That takes guts! Did any cholent guys ask you out right then and there?

Mushkie said...

My 4 yr old sis saw the pic of this and said, 'Hey, that's cool! What's it made out of?' I replied, 'Snow.'. 'Oh,' she said, nonplussed - she's an aussie thru and thru - 'I thought it was made out of paper.'

looks great!

Eyekanspel said...

That is one good looking snowman! Maybe you can bring it to life and make it into the perfect guy. Shidduch anyone?

Melissa said...

Looks like you are getting the same amount of snow that we are.

Enough to build a snowman, at least.

Something Different said...

BZ- JSYK, I read that comment to bad4 early that morning (they go to my phone) and she was all disturbed.

HTTA- It was on the front lawn. MP asked us to remove the beer bottle, it embarrssed her.

Erachet- Thanks!

G6- Oh, it was!

Someone- I know, right?

FCG- You must be intimidating. ;-)

DOTL- I bet yours lasted longer than ours did!

CG- No, but some looked like they wanted to ask us out.

Mushkie- Poor kid. Deprived childhood, huh?

EKS- No, he is a lazy drunkard.

Melissa- You bet, twas so much fun!!