Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Top Ten People Who Should Be Banned From Computer Use

Today's Top Ten Tuesday is neither funny nor creative. It is merely an expression of my frustration at the numerous idiots in my life. Feel free to join me on the bandwagon and tell us who you don't think should be allowed to operate a computer.

10) Mr. Obsessive-Compulsive-Email-Forwarder

9) Ms. This-This-Is-Unbelievable-Can-I-Really-Get-Pictures-Of-My-Grandkids-On-Here?

8) Miss You-Dont-Need-To-Tell-Me-What-To-Do-I-Took-Computers-In-High-School-So-I-Know-What-I'm-Doing

7) Mr. I-Can-Read-The-Manual-And-Figure-It-Out-It-Might-Just-Take-A-While

6) Mr. DIY-from-every-geeky-website-on-the-world-wide-web.

5) Mr. I-found-the-coolest-thing-on-the-Internet-and-what-do-you-mean-you-found-it-three-or-four-years-ago-it's-totally-cool!

4) Mr. My-computer-has-a-more-sophisticated-processor-than-yours-does-and-it-also-has-a-bigger-hard-drive-than-your-computer-does.

3) Dr. Wow-These-newfangled-inventions!-this-is-so-much-faster-than-my-first-PC-it-had-a-64k-harddrive-and-I-thought-THAT-was-a-lot!-And-it-was-so-much-bigger-than-this-is!

2) Mr. Wait-show-me-how-you-just-did-that!

1) Miss OMG-LOL-I-must-update-my-facebook-status-and-tweet-it-so-everyone-can see!

Do you know these people too?


Jughead's Hat said...

What about Mr. I-have-a-mac-and-am-therefore-better-and-more-powerful-than-anyone-with-a-pc?

Or, Miss My-pc-can-do-anything-I-want-it-to-and-I-payed-500-dollars-less-so-I-am-perfectly-happy.

Jughead's Hat said...

What about Mr. I-have-a-mac-and-am-therefore-better-and-more-powerful-than-anyone-with-a-pc?

Or, Miss My-pc-cost-500-dollars-less-and-I-can-do-anything-your-mac-can-do-especially-now-that-I-have-Windows-7-so-I-am-perfectly-happy.

Dude with hat (aka BTS) said...

I disagree with any part of it which may somehow describe me.

G6 said...



And I kinda have a soft spot for those #9s....

Dude with hat (aka BTS) said...

@Jughead's Hat - I know you have Vista or even XP :)

thinking out loud said...

Aren't you lucky i'm none of those? ;)

itsagift said...

Oh I've met them!!
I know way too many #10s!

You know who else must be banned from the computer?
Miss I-am-so-gullible-and-will-forward-any-email-that-says-someone-will-pay-money-every-time-it-is-sent-around! Please check snopes first!!

And Mrs.(or maybe Grandma) what-is-this-cool-new-technology-called-a-computer-can-you-teach-me-how-it-words?!(woah, it's hard to put those dashes in between each word!)

And Mr. Bored I-must-sign-up-for-every-survey-promotion-and-offer-so-that-my-inbox-will-be-filled-and-I'll-feel-popular-every-time-I-check-my-emails!

Lol even if this post was not meant to be funny, if you know anyone on this top ten list, it comes out to be really funny!

Bored Jewish Guy said...
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הצעיר שלמה בן רפאל לבית שריקי ס"ט said...

I've always been "bad at computers" personally. It took me at least two years of being online to come upon Jewish blogs and figure out what they were...

itsagift said...

Oh! And the people who invite all their contacts to view their facebook account. It's so much fun (not!) to get invited to clients' personal facebook accounts-all in your work inbox.

Ariella said...

This may be grouped under the type of person who forwards everything. Some people email to a group list in CC format so that everyone gets everyone else's email address. They don't seem to realize why the BCC function is there.

Anonymous said...

The #9's of this this world are charming!! Not all these people are annoying....

RonBonBoo said...

i am deffanitly most of those!!!!! hahaha recently my friend got a new cellphone, the front looks like an old phone and it slides out into a qwerty keyboard... she was all excited texted the whole world and then some... meanwhile i have a phone well lets just say newer technology... LOL i guess computers, ipods, phones, tvs etc its all the same!!! LOL

ms said...

"4) Mr. My-computer-has-a-more-sophisticated-processor-than-yours-does-and-it-also-has-a-bigger-hard-drive-than-your-computer-does. "

*raises hand*
Guilty as charged.

Something Different said...

JH- Oh, yeah. I hate those mac people.

BTS- You should stop disagreeing and try, instead, to change your ways. ;-)

G6- It should have been. Lol. It was the one that inspired the post, but since I typed it first, it somehow stayed as 10.

TOL- Sure am. :-)

IAG- The bored dude doesnt bother anyone, so who cares?

BJG- I haven't encountered any, but I can see how those would be aggravating.

WYNI- I don't think thats bad with computers. I took a while to find jewish blogs. I don't think I thought there was any need for it. :-P

Ariella- Ugh, I HATE those. I think I will write a post about it. lol.

Anon- They're charming from a distance. When you have to teach them how to do it...

Ronbonno- Lol, good thing I never met you then. :-P

MS- Ugh, how COULD you??