Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Top Ten Drivers Who Annoy Me

I know this weeks Top Ten Tuesday might annoy some folks, or at least parts of it, but hey- isn't that what blogging is about? Anyhow, what's in your Top Ten?

10) The old man with his turn left turn signal on for miles…even when he makes his right turn.
9) The law-abiding momma who drives exactly at the speed limit when I am in a rush.
8) The guy who slows down to look at the gory details of a traffic accident, slowing down everyone behind him.
7) The fella who is extra considerate to all drivers who need to make turns, forgetting about being considerate to the driver behind him.
6) The horrible person who stays in the left lane, but keeps pace with the guy in the right lane- on a two lane highway.
5) The stranger who stomps on the brakes at each street to check the street sign.
4) The idiot who thinks he has to drive five miles below the speed limit whenever there is a cop in the vicinity.
3) The despicable excuse for a driver who cuts you off then drives below the speed limit.
2) The no-goodnik who drives below the speed limit in the left lane!
1) The gullible fool who lives by the motto “arrive alive, drive twenty five”


Yehuda said...

In response to number one, I would just like to make a new motto. It goes like this "Arrive alive, don't piss off other drivers".

Sun inside Rain said...

I actually thought of you recently....

When I got stuck behind a really slow driver. Actually, she wasn't driving; she was crawling. And normally, I'm so patient and I'm the type to let people go in front of me (please don't hate me) and I wave at other drivers....
In short, I'm really polite behind the wheel. In any case, even I got impatient with this lady and when she stopped for what felt like 5 minutes at a stop sign, I beeped her.

She paid me back by slowly adjusting her mirror so she can if she recognizes the aggressive driver behind her. And made me wait another torturous minute while she got a good look of me, and then finally tapped the gas pedal.


Bored Jewish Guy said...

I agree with all ten of those, although I'm embarrassed to admit that lately I've been guilty of number 10 a few times, it's understandable considering how old I'm getting. You did leave off the overly aggressive drivers, which could be just as annoying. Now that I'm getting old none of these things really make me mad any more, sometimes I actually find these drivers entertaining.

Jughead's Hat said...

How about the "I forgot to turn my brights off" guy?

Mystery Woman said...

Ahh...you sound like my kind of driver! :)

Sun inside Rain said...

Jughead, that's what YOUR brights are for. Whenever I come across someone with their brights on, I flash them until they get the message.

Anonymous said...

I would assume that after flashing someone they proceed to crash into a lightpost or something.

Staying Afloat said...

Thank you! Although after getting a speeding ticket, I did the five miles under thing for quite some time.

Driver number seven in particular has more of the power to ruin a good day than he should.

kalas said...

I see people going slowly REALLY bother you.

BYCP said...

Having recently moved to NY from "out of town", here is what I've learned after having a rental car for 3 days in NYC:

10 NYC Driving Rules

1. If the parking spot is open, you can't park there.
2. You cannot get anywhere in less than 1.5 hours.
3. Tolls cost way more than the subway.
4. Don't drive in the right hand lane because that is the double parking lane.
5. Don't drive in the left hand lane because that is the turning lane.
6. If the street only has one lane, that is the double parking lane. You cannot drive on that street.
7. It is acceptable to stay in an exit only lane to bypass traffic and then push in at the last minute.
8. Don't signal before changing lanes. Just drive with half your car in the other lane until the other guy gets scared you're gonna hit him and slows down.
9. It is fine to drive over the median to get to where you need to go.
10. You don't need to watch for the light to change green. Relax and just wait for everyone to honk.

itsagift said...

Basically, if you drive slowly, move out of the way of SD because you will really annoy her.

If you are gonna mooooove, then you're doing good :-)

Did I get it all right?!

Michaltastik said...

Usually, if people do the cut me off and go slow thing, I would always do it back to them and make sure they couldn't pass me. I agree with all of them. Hey, where did the cupcakes go? :-(

Master said...

Women drivers.