Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Top Ten Graphs To Simplify The Shidduch Process

While the idea for this post was originally inspired by Indexed, the main thanks really goes to Bad4, who spends so much time tirelessly blogging in an effort to simplify the shidduch process for the general public, over at her blog, Bad For Shidduchim. And who helped me with the ideas, data, and titles for the graph.
What do you all think about the data here? Agree or disagree?
And just cause you asked for it Bad4, three times. :-D






redirected from Bad4 said...

i strongly disagree with graph 3

Anonymous said...

Yep, replace graph 3 with graph 2.

stam[azoid] said...

hilarious! amazing! i also disagree with #3 though. #1 is beyond hilarious. great job!!!!!

Something Different said...

It should be noted, that I wanted to do number three as an inverse relationship, and bad4 insisted it had to be a straight line. I guess public opinion lies with me. :-D

itsagift said...

These are awesome! Such great graphs!!

Love #9-so true!

Bookworm said...

While many complain of the skirt-pants match up, it very often works. Half of my cousins were married in such a way - when shadchanim confess after the fact that they merely knew of the other individual, and flubbed their way on on the phone. My brother was given way off info on my sister-in-law (age, hair color, parentage, you name it - wrong).

That's never my complaint - providing the guy is normal and polite.

Anonymous said...

3 and 2 don't really resonate with me, but individual experience differs.
Love, love love number 5

itsagift said...

Bookworm-I don't think it's right to set people up based on the pants and skirt theory. Although it is the first thing to check, there's a lot more that goes into a shidduch. Glad it worked for people you know but for those who are in it, it can be very frustrating to be set up with someone just because they are of the opposite gender and their age (almost) matches or there's one other similarity between the two. Dating takes a lot of time and emotion out of both parties, I'm sure you know that.

A lot more info has to match before the guy and girl can go out. If "I don't really know much about him/her..." then why on earth did you think of it? And if you were kind enough to think it might work, then maybe do a little bit of research to see if it sounds somewhat compatible before suggesting it. This will save the guy and the girl a lot of emotional energy - so they can have it when they really need it!

Adam said...


#4 "understand" should be "understood"

Erachet said...

#6 is very true, as well.

Tzvi said...

Really good work SD and Bad4.

Anonymous said...

Hysterical graphs. You girls did a great job of making light of the shidduch process/dating world.

Honestly I wish I could have been part of those conversations, must have been fun.

I'm going to be saving this blog to my favourites and keep tabs on future posts. Kudos!

SternGrad said...

These are great!! Like a lot of others, I disagree with graph 3.
The rest are SO true! Great job.

grinfish said...

Fancy! :)

BigChamor21 said...

I think it's not exactly excitement you feel with each date that he might actually be the One, its more of a clawing hope. It's wishful thinking, fantasizing everyones reactions to the news, not to mention your relief to be out of this traumatizing place they call the Market.

chanie said...

Some of the graphs..need a bit of editing in order to make sense. (I get the feeling BOSD doesn't like to get too complicated in Excel, something with which I sympathize.)
But nice post. And REALLY funny.

Something Different said...

CHanie- What didn't make sense? I used excell for the graphs that needed it, but for a simple inverse relationship I didn't think I needed it. I am aware of the typo in graph number 4, if that's what you are talking about.

chanie said...

8 didn't make sense, but I just figured it out. Sorry about that... :D:D(=sheepish grin)

Number two I don't agree with, though. Those who are prone to standing in front of the mirror for hours will do so no matter what number date..and those who aren't, will spend no more than ten minutes to fifteen preparing (and half of that is spent doing other things - aka distractions - like studying or organizing).

SiBaW said...

Excellent post. Usually I wouldn’t nitpick at a post, but being that this is partially a creation of Bad4’s handiwork, technical and scientific accuracy are of the utmost importance! :-p

10. Nah, guys who go to lounges know they aren’t being creative.

8. That probably should be a normal distribution (bell curve) but close enough.

7. I don’t know, most guys don’t have to worry about this problem. Also, while I agree with the premise of the regression analysis, however, shouldn’t the line be an exponential curve?

3. Even after Bad4’s explanation, I think you meant to draw the line lower to denote a consistent low “excitement level” not a “high excitement level.” Unless you are saying that you are constantly overly optimistic…

2. I think that data set would be better suited with a parabola.

Something Different said...

SIBAW- wow, I don't think you meant that to sound as insulting as it did. And bad4 might have taken credit, but I made all of the graphs. :-)

SiBaW said...

Oh, no, I profusely apologize if I gave you the wrong impression with my comment. :-( The graphs are excellent and I think you did a wonderful job with this post! It was very clear, concise, accurate, and made for an entertaining read. I was just commenting on some technicalities which I think Bad4 should have caught or annotated.

Anonymous said...

SD - SiBaW was commenting at me. He knows I take that stuff with equanimity all the time. So I'll respond:

SIBAW - it isn't a bell curve for a reason. The tail end was supposed to trail off to age 30 for women and 45 for men, when it hits zero. That side of the curve would have a longer tail than the 19-year-old side.

Also, I don't see why you're assuming that the top of the graph is "overenthusiasm." It's just very enthusiastic. Hopeful, really.

About 7 & 2 - I hear your point. However, only social research will really determine the facts. ;-)

Anonymous said...

this is reaaaaallly funny and the graphs are so true. the older you get the less you care abt hair makeup etc... and the other ones!

Chesky said...

#8 would be a Weibull distribution, right?

#7 & #2 should probably have been asymptotically approaching the time axis. Unless they’re log-log graphs?

And of course, #4 is (as I recall) sometimes overly optimistic about what information gets through ungarbled.