Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday: a Chosson's Perspective

I almost missed (another) week, but SiBaW (a groom-o-sapien?) saved me in the nick of time. I agree completely with:
"7. Celebrities – What, you think I want someone else stealing the show?! I want the paparazzi all to ourselves, thank you very much! Hamodia and Yated photographers and their pictures not included in that one."
I will never forget my friend's wedding that featured Lipa as a singer. Nobody danced; they didn't want to miss a free concert.

Head over to his post to read the rest of the list.


SiBaW said...

Surely you must agree with number 4. I am sure you have friends who you have lost touch with over the years! Doesn’t everyone? :-/ Also, while you may not personally agree with number 8, do you agree to the principle behind it?

Bookworm said...

I went to a wedding with Lipa singing. And we boogied the whole night long.