Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Who Meets Up In A Bookstore for a FIrst Date?

I was in a book store, sharing office politics via an overly animated and probably waaaay too loud conversation when he approached me.

By he, I mean a boy. I frum boy. A nervous frum boy. A nervous frum boy who wanted to know if I am Malka. That's when my imagination went into overdrive. See, in a world where I didn't have a train to catch, I would have nodded shyly and hung up the phone. It's lovely to imagine, really. I could have had an entire date with a guy who's name I didn't know. Perhaps the real Malka would have passed, looking anxiously for her date.

Alternatively, I could have followed discreetly behind him and waited until he found Malka. Then, as their conversation heated up, I would have interrupted. "So did you find Malka in the end?"

 But alas, I had a train to catch.

And so, instead, I spent a train ride home happily imagining the scenarios that could have unfolded. And I felt all virtuous for not disrupting a possible future shidduch b'yisroel. Nobody can blame the shidduch crisis on me!


stam[azoid] said...

Here I am leaving a comment even though I'm on my
Phone and have to re-log-in!!!
Hilarious post. Who meets up for dates in the US?! Dude, PICK THE GIRL UP!!! Even if you don't have a license get a car service!!
Also how funny would it be if malky read your blog?!

FunkyFrum said...

actually, i had a guy meet me at a bookstore. that way no one would know i was on a date.

Morah Mamela said...

You're too funny...

G6 said...

When he said, "Are you Malka?", you should have answered, "Chaim?". Two can play that game, you know... (unless of course, his name WAS Chaim, in which case boy are you in trouble! (pun intended)

Re the choice of meetup location: maybe she's a "dorm girl" and doesn't want all her roommates peering out their windows.

David_on_the_Lake said...


oh.....I'd love a date in the strand..
you'd never ever get bored..
I'd bring weird glasses and colorful socks...and park myself in the Dr Seuss aisle..

guyinla/#1fan said...

if you want to email me you can at

regarding this post: your objectification of guys is a bit disturbing. i mean an iFrumboy? really?! :)

#1Fan said...

or perhaps you disrupted a shidduch b'yisroel by not 'taking the date'

SternGrad said...

That's a very funny story. It reminds me of the story I heard (which I'm convinced is made up) where a frum guy approaches a frum girl and asks, "Are you Sara?" She shakes her head and replies, "So I guess you're not Avi, then?" They sat around schmoozing after a while they realized that they had both been stood up. They hit it off and got married.

Yekke wannabe said...

My parents dated from a train station and apparently there other ladies there so my father asked everyone are you rena? until he found my mother

frum single female said...

i think a bookstore is a great place to meet up on a date. maybe they were meeting after contacting each other on frumster and the girl didnt want to give out her address until she met him in person.
the truth is i used to always have shidduch dates i had never met pick me up at my apt until i realized that no matter how much u check someone out you it is still a blind date and its best to meet someone you have never met in a public place.

itsagift said...

Ha! That's pretty funny!

I would imagine you were not dressed up to go on a date if you were just sitting in the why'd he ask you?

It must have been really awkward for the guy who approached you too once he realized he had the wrong person!

Soul Comfort said...

Really funny and awkward at the same time.
I would have died of embarrassment if I had been he.

chanie said...

Another "humph". We didn't meet in the bookstore, but that's where we ended up going on our first date.