Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mazel Tov To.....!!

It was a weird twist of irony on Friday. An hour after I put up my "Mixed Feelings" poem, I got a phone call. The caller ID read: BigChamor21. (No, that's not her real life name, duh!)

SD: Hello?
BC: SD, can you hear me?
SD: Sure I can. What's up?
BC: I'm engaged!
SD: you're WHAT?
BC: I'm engaged.
SD: (laughs out loud)
BC: What's so funny SD?
BC: Nothing. Oh my gosh. Mazel tov. Mazel tov! MAZEL TOV!

And that was basically it. Three hours later, I still had this dumb grin on my face, and I was still busy telling my family that I can't believe BigChamor is engaged. And I saw signs coming but...oh my gosh.
When I wrote in my last post that the friend who got engaged is my only Real Life Friend that knows about my blog, I was serious, but I didn't mention BigChamor. See, she's also a real life friend. Well, sorta. I feel like I know BC really well, but in truth I wouldn't even recognize her if I met her in the street. Cause we've never met. BC and I don't live in the same city, and whenever I have been to her city...well, she's been busy. and when she's been to mine....whatever. I am not her to air any dirty laundry. I wanted to tell you a little about BigChamor and me, and about our relationship....heehee
BigChamor is a friend of a friend. That friend, we'll call her Mrs. Tzadekes, borrowed my phone to text BigChamor something, as she didn't have texting. It should be mentioned at this point, that another friend of mine, let's call her Miss Chessed Head, also decided to try to make us friends. She did not however, succeed. But MT sent this text, BC texted back....and the rest was history.
Texting led to talking...much to the chagrin of my roommates in seminary, as our conversations lasted well into the night at points. And here we are. A year and a half post seminary, nobody to disturb with our conversations, and we are still friends.
It's interesting to note, that when I first met BC, I had 1000 texts a month, because the plan down was 200, and I used about 300. It wasn't long after I became friends with BC that I was worrying about going over at the end of each month.
Anyway, my BigChamor is engaged. She is already planning for me to lose touch with her after her wedding, and is thus planning a really long engagement. (Isn't that kind of her?)
Now, I am not sure what I am thinking writing all this, because BigChamor is certainly reading this, and won't be very happy 'bout it. So....enjoy it while it lasts, cuz this post will probably get the lowest grade of all.
So in an effort to save my skin, here is a Bracha to the new kallah: you and your chosson should be zoche to build a bayis ne'eman biyisroel, and you should be zoche to lots of mazal and bracha and hatzlocha and parnassah and gezunt and happiness and all the rest of the good stuff ad meah ve'esrim. Oh, and your living room should have the nicest totem pole this side of the Hudson. ;)

Oh, one more thing, isn't her name AWESOME? Lol, no? 


little sheep said...

you. are. too. much.

BigChamor21 said...

Wow, I really enjoyed this post. I plan on printing it and saving it forever!
Btw, I loled when you mentioned Mrs. Tzaddekes and Miss Chessed Head

Something Different said...

LS- no. She is.

BC- awwww! I was scared how you'd take it...
Yeah, the names fit, no? MCH would probably murder me if she'd know...but then again she deserves it for saying we are both smart in a trivial pursuit kind of way. :-D

Mikeinmidwood said...

I feel so out of place (yay!).

Something Different said...

MIM- why do you feel out of place? Surely you are Mr. Tzadik...? Was that your way of saying Mazal Tov to BC, is his reading this?

BigChamor21 said...

I didn't know she told you about trivial pursuit...I think you would win me though

Something Different said...

BC-Was she not supposed to? I still haven't gotten the whole rundown. Maybe if it is interesting (and makes me sound good) I will post it...And there is no way I would win you. I don't even think of that as a compliment.

And sorry bout the type MIM- was supposed to say:
"Was that your way of saying Mazal Tov to BC, who is reading this?

Inspired said...

MAZEL TOV BC21!! Wishing you lots of Bracha and may you be zoche to build a Bayis Ne'eman B'yisroel.

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

Mazel Tov to BigCharmor!

Very interesting how you developed a friendship like that.

Something Different said...

JSB- heh! You don't even know the half of it.