Friday, August 14, 2009

Don't Take Me For Granted!

Dear SD,

Hi, I'm writing to let you know that you've insulted me lately. I am so good to you. All day, every day, I am at your side, helping out. Whenever you need me, I'm there.
You don't realize how much help I really am to you, do you SD? You probably don't think about all the times that you would be late for an appointment, if I weren't on hand, ready to help out, to push you out the door, to remind you that it's late.
You know, you always think you don't need me, that you can replace me with other, easier to use and more reliable companions, but I'm here to tell you that you are so wrong.
So I'm here to tell you: I will no longer help you. I will no longer remain on hand at all times. In fact, I will play dead. I'm sorry SD, I really am. After such a year long relationship, I feel bad to desert you like this, but i feel we have no choice.
Hopefully soon you will recognize my value, you will recognize the importance of me and my availability. But until then I'm afraid I have to be on strike
Perhaps one day soon you will learn that I am not to b taken for granted.

With deep regrets and much sadness,
I remain,
Your Watch


Freeda said...

Funny letter, i stopped before I saw who it was from and tryed to guess- I couldn't. I lost my watch a month ago and haven't found it yet. I'm not giving up, though, cuz I lost it in my house!

G6 said...

Only one year?
Does it have a warranty?

thinking out loud said...

They say "you only realize what you had once you lost it".
Hope you learnt your lesson :p

p.s. before buying a new watch, maybe try to get this one fixed first

Inspired said...

Cute letter:-)

Good you learned your lesson:-p My watch is my lifesaver, nothing can replace em...

Something Different said...

Freeda- Glad you couldn't guess. I was trying to make it longer, but as it was 3am I had a hard time thinking of anything to say without giving it all away.

G6- It does. The warranty card has disappeared off the face of the planet. :(

TOL- I really did. I need my watch back!!! And yes, I am hoping its just the battery.

Insp- Now I know that...