Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Saddest Sight Ever

Introducing....a side of me my blog readers never see! See, I'm considered to be a rather empathetic person. I'm not sure why, but lots of people find themselves telling me things, confiding in me, turning to me when they need a listening ear.

In that case, I'm sure you aren't shocked to hear that I often feel a twinge of pity in my heart, as people tell me about situations or events that I find sad. I also feel bad for people when I see them in an unfortunate situation. Like the heimishe lady I saw pulled over at the side of the highway. Perhaps it was my imagination running away with me, but the cop looked mean. And I felt bad.

There are lots of things I feel bad about. I just notice things, I look into situations, I imagine the feelings behind what meets the eye. Yet, of all the pity I ever felt for people, there is one situation I've seen that just makes my heart twist. Every time I see it, I feel so bad. I want to run right in and grab the person out of the situation before try embarass themselves further.

Picture it:
Concert hall. Thousands of excited fans, (SD included, but only at gunpoint. She likes to adjust the volume). Lights out. Music stops. Spotlight focused on one lady who is stepping onto the stage. As she talks, I realize that this is the "hilarious comedy" that is supposed to take place tonight. The audience was very generous. They wanted to be nice, to laugh. But they didn't. They couldn't. There wasn't even anything to chuckle at.

It was so sad.
I felt so bad for her.

Honestly, I was entertaining thoughts of running up onto the stage, grabbing her from behind, and whispering "mamalah, comedians make it look easier than it is. Plus, you're not even funny!!"

She stood there, joke after joke, or should I say - "joke" after "joke", trying to get the audience to laugh. Finally, after a poor retelling of an old joke, the audience gave a polite chuckle, and she bowed off the stage. And I wanted to cry. I'm not all that funny, definitely not comedian material, but yet I am a hundred times funnier than she is. Why can't she see that?

Oy, the sad things I bear witness to...


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Talking about concerts....

does anyone by nay chance have a site were i can find lyrics to kineret songs?


Something Different said...

Anon- I removed your comment because I was worried about lashon harah, but really it doesnt matter where I saw that. Anytime a person tries unsuccessfully to be funny my heart twists in pity.
And I don't know about lyrics, but I found you her website-

Anonymous said...

hey! i thought so too.. but i had clicked publish already... i had hiped you'll remove it...

aslo, thanx for the link... what did you do? searched kineret online? oh what a great idea! why didnt i think of that? oh wait! i DID! lol:)

Something Different said...

Anon- if you ever want to tell me something and don't want to email me you can leave a comment and ask that I don't publish it. (For now anyway, I am considering disabling comment moderation...)

And I came across it once before, so I guess I knew it existed. Im not sure exactly how I found it again. :-)