Monday, October 19, 2009

Simple Gimple Says "Turn Left"

My parents came home with a new friend the other day. Naturally, when shabbos came, the discussion at our table turned to the name for our friend. MP suggested we name it "the GPS" but I accused her of having no sense of humor, and so she backed off.

My mother wanted to stick with something simple, like Gavriel Pinchas, but after a little coaxing we came to a "unanimous" decision. Our new friend's name is Gimple Paysach Silverberg. (No, it's not that I couldn't come up with a more creative last name, but my father awarded the last name naming rights to my mother as a consolation for calling him Gimple.)

As we started to get to know Gimple, we learned a lot. Firstly, I still can't get over how different he is than Goldy. While this blog seems to have an overload of posts highlighting the differences between men and women, I can't resist sharing some observations with you.

Firstly, as is typical, Goldy, being a female has a much better sense of direction than Gimple does. Gimple gets confused a lot, but really, who can blame him? After all, he's just a man.

On the other hand, when you make a mistake while Goldy is in the car, she starts nagging. "Off route, recalculating." I've been known to shout back at her sometimes... "So I made a wrong turn, so shoot me." Gimple, on the other hand, is more good natured about mistakes like wrong turns. He is more of the silent brooder type, as he quietly calculates a new route.

I haven't really conducted an exhaustive study yet, but I'd venture a guess that Gimple, a male, eats a lot more than Goldy does. In fact, Goldy sometimes eats so little I sometimes think she might be in shidduchim. (And for all those amateur shadchanim out there that wanted to suggest our new pal Gimple, sorry, but that shidduch has been redt already.)

Also, in typical male fashion, Gimple is astonishingly self assured. He will steer you into the most trafficky block of the city with more self assurance than an NS chosing me a diet. (The glossary is there for a reason. Ahem.) Goldy is pretty self assured too, but at least she doesn't repeat herself as often, know what I mean?

Anyhow, as indicated by the title, my family has a new game to play when they travel distances. Anyone wanna guess if MP finds it funny?


Goldy said...

For a change, you put me in a good light! Or semi-good light. Wonder what you're gonna say when Goldy gets you good and lost this week. Lol. Maybe with Gimple and Goldy together, we'll get there in one piece.
Hey, maybe they're a good shidduch. Wanna be the shadchan?

Bas~Melech said...

Hm... your shidduch comment got me thinking... what about Gimple for Peshy? I think she's much more his type than Goldy.

On second thought, do we really need two of these people under one roof? Let alone procreating? :-/

Goldy said...

Bas Melech, isn't Goldy actually Peshy's middle name or something like that?
And why are you trying to mess up my shidduch? I was actually liking what I heard about Gimple. SD, first try Goldy, then try Peshy (which is pretty weird considering that they are one and the same).

Mikeinmidwood said...

I liked Tom, dont know why his parents gave him his first name as his middle name too, but hes fine. Sorry girls Tom Tom is not Jewish.

Something Different said...

Goldy- I told you, someone has thought of it already.

B~M- I think he is too overbearing for Peshy. She is more of a gentle soul. :-p

MIM- He converted and changed his name to Gimple Paysach.

Mikeinmidwood said...


And he didnt invite me to the conversion, oh he is so getting it from me.

Something Different said...

MIM- Oh, he didn't invite anyone. He just showed up at our door one day, wearing a yarmulka and calling himself Gimple.