Monday, November 22, 2010

Another Point for the Guys

There's big news announced at the shabbos table. My brother has struck it rich. Ok, not quite rich. He does, however, get a monthly kollel check from BMG.

And of course, a lively discussion ensued about the number of years a man (boy? Bochur?) has to learn in BMG before he is eligible for kollel checks. Surprisingly enough, you don't have to learn there for ten years to qualify. And you get more than $20 every other month, though not much more.

It got interesting when someone pointed out that the years a boy is learning there count from when he enters the yeshivah, not from when he gets married. It was my father who pointed out how good that can be for shidduchim. "Hey I can be eligible for kollel checks next week!"

And I was the one who pointed out that it's so like the guys. Being OLD is good for shidduchim. Speaking of the shidduch crisis.


G6 said...

I also love how, no matter how old they are, they're still "boys", until they're married.....

(PS to SD - love the new background... when did that happen? I just changed mine too :D... I guess great minds do think alike!)

itsagift said...

That's a funny one.

Love that last line!