Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Top Ten Life Changes

Motzei shabbos, as I was drifting off to sleep, I had this sudden and horrible realization. The second birthday of BOSD has passed without a party, without fanfare, and without recognition of any sort.

And then, I realized that it's time I stopped neglecting this blog. All of my loyal readers surely noticed how seldom I've posted in the last few months. If you think this is a long winded introduction to an engagement announcement, you are sadly mistaken.

I did, however, have a whole bunch of reasons not to post much. It's Tuesday, so let's see if I have ten of em:

In the last six months:
10) My manager at work (who I loved) quit.

9) I was asked repeatedly if I am sure I am not pregnant.

8) I lost an organ.

7) I recovered from my first ever surgery.

6) I used up years of accumulated sick days. Without lying.

5) I got a new manager who can only be described as something that rhymes with a witch. (And no, I don't mean a snitch.)

4) I found a new job.

3) I quit my old job. (Happiest day of my life. Hands down.)

2) I discovered the joys and trials of a commuter's lifestyle.

1) I became a morning person.

Does this excuse my lack of posts? I don't know. On the one hand, this sorta gives me a ton to post about. On the other hand, I was never one of those "and here's what happened to me today" type of bloggers.

Does anyone want to hear which organ I lost? Or what my first words after waking up from surgery were? Or what I nicknamed my horrible new manager? Or what I do on the way to work every day? Either way, I've got some post ideas, and I fully intend to post a bunch more. I won't, however, complain if your comments generate a discussion that inspires me to write a bunch of new posts. No, that's not a hint. Not at all.

Ok, your turn folks. What's been going on in the last six months of your lives?


G6 said...

1)I lost somebody I cared for very deeply to a swift and brutal illness.
2)I got a new and more challenging job.
3)I spend a lot more time working and/or planning work from home.
4)Hashem blessed our family with a new grandchild.
5)I reached a goal I'd been working towards for more than 6 months
6)I battled with dry and aging eyes.
7) I spent too much time on the internet
8) I discovered some new "keeper" recipes.
9) I'm learning some new things about people and human nature.
10) I'm trying to figure out how and get up the courage to tell my best friend that she said something that hurt me very badly a few weeks ago. She has no idea......

chanie said...

I want to hear about your surgery, which organ you lost, and why!
And I also want to hear what your new job is all about. And about anything else you care to share... [evil nosy grin]

Anonymous said...

I now challenge you to post a top ten of things that happened that u DIDNT write here.
I think I will try to come up with my own ten things that happened during the last 6 months (can we stretch it to a year?)

Ezzie said...

You don't even WANT to know... ;)

Bz said...

I give it a yes.

Brochi said...

1. I started and stopped blogging.

2. I mastered drinking caffeineted coffee.

3.I got promoted at work (and hate all that it entails).

4. I joined a creative writing workshop.

5.I watched someone lose her capacities and succumb to a dehumanising illness.

6. I went on a cool vacation, someplace I never ever dreamed I'd get to.

7. I learnt to love someone in spite or despite the fact that we're so alike

8.I confronted my school principal about something awful she did to me.

9.I toilet trained my son!

10. I joined the chatzos Google group and got involved in kiruv.

iRiR said...

I can give you 10 to the 10th power lists but who really cares? For fun, I'll make all of mine start with an I or an R for iRiR!

[1] I went to an 5-star Sheva Brachos with a 6-course Italian menu.

[2] Rolled and played with Play-doh. I made 9 mini white doughnuts (to be painted eventually).

[3] Investigated the cognitive abilities of my 7-month old nephew using Piagetian Infancy Scales.

[4] Roamed the net for hot deals on Lego Creator sets but found none (I did use a coupon, though, to pay for the tax).

[5] Indignantly complained to Toys R Us for selling me a cheap, self-destructing chemistry set (I was using it with my nephew and the parts melted!).

[6] Recorded the RCCS live auction stream to my computer while at the aforementioned Sheva Brachos. Sadly, I came home to a screen that read "Audacity quit unexpectedly..." so I only got 2 hrs worth.

[7] Imitated Leah Forster's Russian goyta voice ("My grandzfawza was such an eishet eesh, dey called heem de shoyteh of de town!")

[8] Received an email from a mathematician who shares my last name and invented a unique kind of dice.

[9] Ingested a flower. I thought it was those edible ones, but turns out I was wrong (it tasted like perfume, if you're wondering).

[10] Really.... tons more happened but since you're not paying, you don't get to hear. Hope you enjoyed your demo shareware version. Goodbye.

itsagift said...

Course I wanna hear about which organ you lost! Ouch. Just the thought of it hurts!

You can probably write a new post for almost each of these top ten. :-)

Why would people ask you again and again if you were pregnant? Were you feeling that bad?

Looking forward to all the new posts coming (hopefully) soon!