Friday, November 26, 2010

What are You Doing Today?

If you're reading this when it's posted, it means one of two things. Either you're having heartburn from an oversized turkey dinner, or you are one of the sadly misguided folks who is waking up right around now to shop.
Here is my question. Why?
The whole black Friday thing never made any sense to me. Over the years, I've turned down dozens of invitations to hit the sales. Whether it was a midnight trek up to Woodbury Commons, an early morning run to Macy's, or a big trip to the mall, I was never one of those people with high hopes squeezing myself into the back of a tiny car.
And here's why. As exciting as the reports sounded when friends and sisters came back telling me of the crowds and discounts, I always noticed something fascinating: their hands were always empty. The few things that they had purchased weren't very cheap, nor were they very wanted.
I have nothing monumental to say on this subject. I could point out that people have died in black Friday stampedes. Or I could point out how sad it is that a drive for materialism has led a family to camp out a week and a half before Thanksgiving. But you all know that.

It's kind of like the wise man once said: "Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people" .So instead of an insight, I'll wish y'all Happy Suckers Day.


tesyaa said...

I am 100% with you on this one!

Anonymous said...

LOL. I do my Black Friday shopping from home, on my laptop, looking for the things I have on my wishlist to see if I can get them for cheaper. If I don't find them for a decent deal in the first two places I look, I usually assume I can't get it.

Better way to do shopping:
regular sales
gift cards

itsagift said...

My mother always says, "the best sale is not to buy it at all" because so many times people end up buying things not because they need the actual item but because it's selling for a better price than usual. And then it sits around and they don't get use out of it.
Another thing my mother says, "Is it on sale or for sale?!"
Yup, this is a true fact of life, people get excited when things are on sale and don't always stop to think if they really need what they are buying...