Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Top Ten Ways To Eat a Rugelah

This extremely creative and funny Top Ten list was actually a contest entry submitted by iRiR. Check out her cool blog here.

1. Start from one end and bite lengthwise (wide side) in progressive stages until you reach the other end.

2. Start from one end and bite widthwise (narrower side) in progressive stages until you reach the other end.

3. Peel the thin edge of the rolled-up strip. Keep peeling and eating until the entire rugelah is consumed.

4. Use a fork to pierce the center of the rugelah and chew politely. Perfect for people who feel their empty hands look unbecoming.

5. Using a napkin, grasp the rugelah with your thumb and index finger in a pincer-grasp. Then eat. Great for use in high society.

6. Using a bag to prevent your hands from getting dirty, hold the rugelah in your hand and chew.

7. Stick a toothpick in one end of the rugelah and out the other. Proceed to eat like corn-on-the-cob, holding both ends of the stick.

8. Place rugelah in mouth and suck until it eventually disintegrates. Works best for adults with dental issues.

9. Pop the entire rugelah into your mouth at once. Applies to smaller-sized rugelach only.

10. Pretend to eat the rugelah by bringing it up to your mouth and feigning chewing and swallowing. Good for dieters.


Sun inside Rain said...

Love this one!

Frayda said...

#3 is my favorite!!!!!!!!!

iRiR said...

Hey I forgot to add an 11th (for dessert):

11. Lay rugelah on a napkin. Using a paring knife, cut thin slices to resemble mini kokosh cake!

This one's by far the funnest of all 10!

itsagift said...

These are funny!

Eating it like corn on the cob-ha!!

#3 is the way I usually eat it. A rugelah tastes best when you savor every bite!

Brochi said...

Or... dunk your rugelah in milk and savor the soggy combo! No one ever tried that??

itsagift said...

iRiR-I like #11! Then it makes you feel like you are eating a nice, big dessert...though I would probably opt for another mini kokosh cake, one is just not enough!!

This list is so creative!

Soul Comfort said...

I like unrolling a rugelah, so I'd go with #3