Monday, March 9, 2009

Ah Freilechen Purim!

A thought from Rav Shlomo Brevda: When Haman changed the laws and made it possible for Achashveirosh to kill anyone without a trial, he made people afraid to go near him. Thus, when Achashveirosh was sad about missing Vashti, the only people around to advise him were the young, naive kids who cleaned up his quarters. The advisers were all afraid to approach him. From the naive minds of these boys, the only thing that mattered about the woman is her looks. Had the wise advisers been around, they would have been worried right along with Achashveirosh about finding a worthy queen. They would deliberate about how to find a woman from royal lineage who had all of the right character traits for a queen. But these advisers had only one thought: the woman's looks. And so they told Achashveirosh not to worry. There are many beautiful women in the kingdom! And so they set out to find the most beautiful one. Had they been looking for anything but the external looks, Esther would never have been chosen. In fact, they let her become queen without ever finding out who she was and what nation she was from. 
Just one more twist in the amazing string of nisim orchestrated by Hashem for us to see our geulah.
Let's all use the koach of tefillah that is so strong on purim and hopefully soon we will see how all these twists and turns of our lives were all in preparation for yeshuos
Ah Freilechen Purim!

Oh, and btw, what do you think of adapting Achashveirosh's system as the new shidduchim system? Line up the guys and let me pick! ;)


Mikeinmidwood said...

A great idea but it will be the other way around.

Something Different said...

MIM- Venahapoch hu!

Inspired said...

Simchas Purim! :-)

Dude with hat (aka BTS) said...

Does rav Shlomo has a son Meir?

Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

cute cartoon

interesting about that being a neis.
But it does seem a bit backwards that Esther wouldn't have been chosen if not for her looks. But I do understand what it's trying to say.

Very cute, I liked your ending!
and I didn't even chap the "venhapoch hu!"

Something Different said...

BTS- I have no idea. Sorry.

JSB- The point is- there would be a lot of checking into a girl before she could become queen (As we well know... ;) if Achashveirosh had been advised by some proper advisors, not some kids.