Thursday, March 26, 2009

You are Now Playing 'The Game'

(Caution: Do not read this. Your life will be forever altered.)

There is a mind game, that I discovered recently, and wish I hadn't. It is called 'The Game'
The rules are as follows:

1) To know of 'The Game" is to play 'The Game'
2) To think of 'The Game' is to lose 'The Game'
3) A loss must be announced.

That's it. That's 'The Game'.

Don't get it? It's like this. It's a mind game. The harder you try not to think about something, the more you think about it. The object of the game, in very short, is to forget that it exists.
Now, I gotta admit it. I cheat. I never announce my loss. Not because I want to cheat, but simply because I don't think of myself as an active member of 'The Game' players. (But then again, to know of 'The Game' is to play 'The Game' so I am kinda stuck here.)
So I guess I am hereby announcing a big whopping loss. I have been researching 'The Game'.
So far, I found a number of sites, which you obviously lose, just by clicking on to them. 

Apparently, 'The Game' is a bit of a culture. All over the globe, students in universities are thinking about 'The Game', then going on to tell everyone they know that they lost, which in turn makes everyone they know think about 'The Game' and keeps things going. There is an iPhone app called "The Game" where players can turn their loss global. There is memorabilia devoted to 'The Game'.... And thus 'The Game' has reached viral proportions. 

And now, I am spreading 'The Game' to you. I have a reason though.
I like the theory behind it. It's an interesting phenomenon, and so true. The harder you try to avoid thinking of something, the harder it is to keep your mind off of it. 

I think I am  going to apply this theory to blogging. From now on, I will try very hard not to think of ideas for posts. ;)


little sheep said...

SD, i took pity on you.

and here, i comment.

Something Different said...

LS- ya know, I really don't think I should be teling you my blog post ideas before I post em. From now on you'll just have to check out my blog just like every one else. :-P

little sheep said...

you know when you're supposed to warn me!

Something Different said...

LS- I do? ::confused::

Y.L said...

wow! that was really inspirational

Something Different said...

YL- huh? did you mean that sarcastically? Or was it meant for a different post?