Thursday, June 18, 2009

Some Fun Stuff

These are some awesome links that I have found lately and had to share. Enjoy!

1) After yesterday's baseball post, I figured it is only fair to share this awesome clip. If you have ever listened to baseball broadcast over the will find this sadly too true.

2) This is a rather popular link already, but if you have never seen the falling sand game, you gotta try it out. You might waste a ton of time on there so beware...

3) This is frightening. That is all I have to say.

4) As a gadget freak and an iTouch addict, I found this awesome.

5) BOSD Fiction is about to start, check it out! Also, BOSD One Liners has been growing, both in number of one liners and authors. Make sure to check it out too.


harry-er than them all said...

um did you know that in 2001 the US had a surplus of 236 Billion surplus in 2000. (there was a budget surplus from 98-01)

in fact contrary to what some may want to believe, the last time there was a surplus was in 1969 under Johnson who was a Democrat, and the only other Democrat president until Clinton, was carter who actually during some of his years decreased the deficit, but largely it remained steady.

so much for the famed Bush tax cuts

Something Different said...

HTTA- please don't waste your breath attempting to engage me in a political discussion. I am the one who didn't regirster to vote in the presidential elections because I didn't care enough. (I was devastated when I found out that I missed a free cup of coffee from starbucks though...)

MAK said...

That falling sand game is addictive, I've played it before, and can waste SO much time on it...lots of fun.
And while you may not of registered to vote... somehow managed to register three times, 2x as a republican and once as a democrat.(complicated story behind that, and I'm not even interested in politics!)

Something Different said...

MAK- so did you vote 3 times? I would have- then you could have gotten three free cups of coffee!