Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Top Five Signs You Need More Sleep

1- You are immune to caffeine. I sat there dozing off midway through my second cup of coffee in the last ten minutes, and I realized something was wrong. Coffee is great but when it no longer helps are beyond help.

2- You wake up in the morning and say TGI.......Wednesday?!? Only Wednesday? This can't be happening! I need a four day weekend right around yesterday. But instead, I'm stuck at work, with no sign of a break, and that's the scariest part.

3- Someone asks you your name, and you are stuck for an answer. This honestly happened to me yesterday. I found myself apologizing. "I really don't usually need to think so long to give my first name. My last name is a little trickier, but even that usually doesn't take so long...Basically, I'm tired." The girl looked at me with pity. Her look implied "of course you're tired! You're rambling as if you haven't slept in a week." Perhaps if she had actually said it, I would have told her how right she is...

4- Your voice takes on a whole new pitch: I never lose my voice. Ever. Even with bronchitis combined with a cold recently I managed to talk in a somewhat normal tone of voice. So when I lose my voice, to people who know me, it's like anouncing to the world: "I haven't slept enough lately!"

5- You have dreams about being tired: it's as if your body knows that you are going to wake up long before you feel properly rested. Or more accurately, it's as if your body knows that you will never be properly rested....or at least you feel that way.

Can anyone email me a massive dose of energy?


Jessica said...

Number one sounds more like an addiction too caffeine, than not getting enough sleep. Eventually your body gets so used to a certain amount of caffeine that it ends up needing more than that to actually feel energized.

G6 said...

6. You're reading a blog post about sleep (or something or other...) and you realize that you keep reading the same 3 lines over and over and over and ov... what? huh? Oh yeah, you're reading a blog post about sleep (or something or other....) and..........

Floating Reflections said...

Sorry no doses of energy spare but as we are in different itme zones then how about when I sleep I will have u in mind and when you sleep then you can have me in mind and this why we will both 'sleep more' and stop yawning our way through the day :D

Dude with hat (aka BTS) said...

Sorry, can't help - lack it myself for months.

As of me, i actually did notice my voice changed in past few weeks. I guess now you got me to the answer why it happened.

Additional things that happen to me:
1) Forgetting words, thoughts, what i was working on yesterday and previous week is totally erased from my memory.
2) Living on coke (you mentioned similar thing, but i don't do coffee) - two-three cans of coke to start functioning similar to human beings
3) Waking up and finding yourself stuck between messed up tags or lines of code (I am programmer, this should explain) - first happened to me when I was working on some research for the conference in school. Btw, that thing later changed my life to what I am today.
4) Falling asleep for moments and seeing long dreams, scenes or hearing people talk or scream - weird thing, happens to me for years

halfshared said...

Can I ask a really dumb question? Why can't you get more sleep? Is it impossible to go to sleep earlier?
Besides all those things you mentioned, being tired can make you really grouchy. If you sleep more, you'll feel like a different person.
Then again, maybe you have a really good reason for going to sleep at totally unearthly hours.

Staying Afloat said...

I've had those dreams. Sometimes, though, I dream that I wake up and do my whole day with so much energy, and then I wake up for real...

Surplus energy, I don't have. Maybe some chizuk? I'm constantly being told that when I get old I'll have plenty of time to sleep but won't be able to do so. I used to be able to call my grandmother at 11PM and she was still up, telling me she couldn't sleep. I'm thinking your way is better? (As long as you're not driving a moving vehicle or walking while holding a hot beverage.)

josh0 said...

Here are two things I learned from James Horne's book Sleepfaring : a journey through the science of sleep which I very recently read:

1. Caffeine takes 20-30 minutes to get into your system.

2. Napping for 20 minutes won't let you get into a deep enough sleep for your alarm, in waking you up very quickly, to make you groggy.

Combine the two mid-afternoon for best results!

Inspired said...

I'm too tired to comment:p

You should really get yourself some sleep!! (seriously?:P)

whoever said...

"sometimes i wake up grouchy. other days i let him sleep."
like hs said, lack of sleep can make someone really cranky.
that's exactly what happened to me today, and that was no fun for my coworkers...
good thing Shabbos is on its way!

Mushkie said...

Yes, I'm in high school and we're currently putting on our annual production, I have a few solos and I keep losing my voice...I went to bed before eleven yesterday and I woke up with a voice! Magic, although if you're not responding to coffee you're pretty far gone...

Something Different said...

Jessica- suprisingly enough, I am actually not addicted at all. I can go two weeks without a coffee. And it rarely affects me. I think I drink it because I like the taste more than for the caffeine.

G6- Yeah, before I fell asleep over this I was going to make it a top ten list, not top five, and that was one of them. Also when somebody speaks to you and you can repeat the entire thing they said without having a clue what you are saying.

FR- my sleepiing time is so minimal I am afraid I wont help you much. ;-)

BTS- Yeah, you need more sleep.

HS- Cuz I am busy. What kinda question is that? I am not grouchy though, don't worry.

SA- I tell people I will sleep when I die. ;-)

Josh- it doesnt affect me at all. Honestly.

Insp- did you see what time I sent that gnite text the other night? ;-) I really do need to get myself some sleep.

WE- nah, I aint a grouch. Just very blah..... And yes it is, but I am going away, which means less time to sleep than I need.

Mushkie- Yeah, someone who only works with me on fridays seems to think I never have a voice. LOL

Anonymous said...

You might think that lack of sleep might not affect you- but maybe people around you are being affected by it and you are just too tired to even notice.

Mikeinmidwood said...

I think I qualify for some more sleep, I dont need any hints to know that.

Something Different said...

Anon- I am not too tired to notice. Just too tired to do anything.

MIM- zzzzzzzzzzzz

Anonymous said...

by Beverly McLoughland

Between my ears,
Behind my brow
I used to keep
My brain, but now
It's disappeared
Without a trace
And left an empty
Airy space.
I don't know why
It up and went–
It didn't even
Have a dent!
It didn't show
Much wear and tear,
If only I
Had kept a spare!
Finder… call me
Any hour–
(It looks a lot
Like cauliflower
And may be in
The produce crates–
Just pick the one
That concentrates!)
My name, my number
My address–
You'll simply have to
Take a guess.
My memory's been
Out of whack–
I'll tell you when
I get it back.

Something Different said...

Anon- yeah. that's basically how I feel. I have been telling people that I left my car at home...but I dunno if that's a good enough excuse. ;-)

Anonymous said...