Sunday, July 5, 2009

Isn't Life Confusing?

Isn't life confusing?
How do people know?
What they are supposed to wear,
And where they're sposta go?

Isn't life confusing?
The rules- they number many!
Some people seem to know 'em all,
But I can't remember any!

Isn't life confusing?
Some things are just allowed,
And If you stick to doing that,
You'll make 'them' really proud!

Isn't life confusing?
Some wouldn't agree.
For "them" the rules are simple,
As easy as can be.

Isn't life confusing?
I wish 'they' would write a book,
So I would know how I should talk
And how I'm sposta look!

Isn't life confusing?
Correct me if I'm wrong.
But these rules seem easy only,
To those who play along.

Isn't life confusing?
When you beak a rule or two?
Suddenly you need instructions,
For everything you do!

Isn't life confusing?
Since they always change the rules?
Keeping up with all of this,
Should be taught to us in schools!

Isn't life confusing?
When you stop and simply ponder?
Why people always do all this-
Don't they ever wonder?

Isn't life confusing?
When you can't just be YOU?
Rather you are always told
What you should say and do.

Isn't life confusing?
When you follow with the crowd?
"I'm my own individual!"
Let's shout it really loud!

Isn't life confusing?
It is- if you let it be.
But wouldn't you rather say?
"No thanks I'll just be me!"


Ezzie said...

I'll just be me, thanks. :)

David_on_the_Lake said...

great lil limerick...

ur lucky..that u have this outlook in life..
it sure makes for a more peaceful existence..

Mushkie said...

Gosh I pity those who try act how they're "sposta" act, slightly more fun doing it your own way. Cute!

Inspired said...

Life is confusing!

For those who know the rules it's easy follow; for those who don't care about the rules don't want to follow; it's those who are in between that are confused...

ClooJew said...

Life is only confusing to the confused.

Something Different said...

Ezzie- Awesome! Let's start a club!

DOTL- It does. I love not caring what people think of me. :-)

Mushkie- So do do I....
but on the flip side they get to tell us blobs what to do...

Insp- but for those who follow the rules, their entire existance is confusing!

CJ- true. And so many people allow themselves to be confused.

Zeeskeit said...

CUte - and so true -

Can I start an e-mail chain with this?

Something Different said...

ZK- Thanks for asking! I actually already got one of my posts as an email forward, so you aren't the first one to come up with the idea. I don't mind at all, tho I would like a link :-)

Bas~Melech said...

Sorry folks, but I disagree. Rules make things simpler because you don't need to actually think or decide what to do.

Which is not to say that I plan to become a conformist anytime soon. I think there are some things that are worth a little extra effort and complication, and being myself is one of them. In fact, most meaningful things in life are.

Something Different said...

B~M- you're right. Rules make life easier to navigate without having to think, but when you stop and wonder what the point of the rules are, you get confused. Why are you doing it? What's the point?