Friday, July 31, 2009

A Public Service From BOSD: 50 Topics For Discussion on Dates

The post you've all been waiting for! Many thanks to all those who submitted ideas. If you have additional ideas, please either post them as comments on this post, or email me.
Please note: these topics are satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. Oh, wait, they are free? Oh, well I guess they aint guaranteed after all. Use em at your own risk!
This list is in no specific order, and some topics are best discussed on later dates.

1) What you do in the summer

2) Teachers/ Rabbeim/ Professors

3) School/ Yeshivah/ Seminary/ College

4) Family

5) Israel

6) Politics

7) News

8) Current Events

9) Art

10) Language

11) Music

12) Science

13) Intriguing things

14) Pictures on the wall

15) Goals

16) Priorities

17) Stories

18) Views

19) Dreams

20) Interesting things you have seen

21) Interests

22) Hobbies

23) Ambiance of room/ Hotel/ Venue

24) Food

25) Blood(!)

26) Why you chose the school you went to

27) Glasses/ Contacts

28) Purim

29) Pesach

30) Shavuos

31) Chanukah

32) Yomim Noraim

33) Sukos

34) Shabbos

35) Travel

36) Jewish Geography

37) Sibling's personality

38) Parent's personality

39) Which middos are you machshiv

40) What values do your parents emphasize in their house?

41) What values do you plan to emphasize in yours?

42) What do you believe is the purpose of life?

43) What are you looking for in a spouse?

44) Why do you want to get married?

45) Jokes

46) Dating itself

47) Shopping

48) Family minhagim

49) Books

50) If all else fails, discuss BOSD!


The Kosher Bride said...

Travel stories always work really well. Especially if you have been to somewhere other tan Isreal (where your date has likely been).

thinking out loud said...

can we start with #50? :)

chanie said...

discuss books!
women and tefillin, halacha, the shulchan aruch and chumash...discuss rabbanim....discuss obama and mc cain....discuss the economy....stupid things that people do...profane language, etc.

inkstainedhands said...

I like the books option. :]

By the way, I tagged you here. Check it out.

Something Different said...

TKB- makes sense, 'cept I've never been anywhere cool. Unless Niagara Falls counts...

TOL- Sure, lemme know how it goes. :-p

Chanie- where were you when I was compiling this list? :-p And where have you been lately? Long, long time, no see!

chanie said...

I don't know where I was when you were compiling it...
I do know that I kept meaning to read blogs and honestly, I've barely found time to breathe these past few weeks (blame it on schoolwork and other work).
I kept meaning to do a lot of things..whatever, I'm back now. :)
And SD, I think the Kallah Bug just bit me...after who-knows-how-many months. But maybe it's just a passing flu...

Something Different said...

Chanie- other things?? LOL

chanie said...

What do you mean, "other things"?