Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Top Ten Annoying People We All Know

1) Ms. I-have-a-baby-so-I-can-talk-in-baby-talk-all-day-to-everyone:
You know her. She's the one who croons at her baby straight through a conversation. Annoying turns ugly when her baby isn't there, and she is still crooning, out of habit, right zeeskeit?

2) Ms. I-have-all-the-time-in-the-world-and-then-some-even-if-you're-rushing:
There is a direct relationship between the level of annoyance she causes and the kind of rush you're in. So as you sit there panicking that you are going to be late for a super important appointment, she is sitting there daintily peeling a cucumber, just in case she gets hungry.
Sadly, that's no example. Happened to me last week.

3) Ms. I-can-do-or-say-whatever-I-want-and-still-be-awesome-but-no-matter-what-you-do-you'll-still-be-crud:
Often she extends this to family members. She hears about behavior exhibited by someone, and is shocked, horrified and scandalized. Then, she hears that the perp was her very own sister...and she sees it all in a whole new light.
Basically the story of her life is cursing out people that aren't her relatives and praising those that are.

4) Ms. I-don't-care-about-you-or-anyone-else-unless-I-am-in-middle-of-texting-them:
You know her. You send her a text, asking her to please listen to you, that you don't like being ignored. She is also the one who always backs up her statements with a "I just got a text about that, let me read it to you"

5) Ms. Oy-I-have-such-aches-and-pains:
Really, it's not just aches and pains. She just has a miserable life. Everything to be miserable about, nothing happy, whatsoever. If it would happen to someone else it would probably be ok, but if it happened to her it's gotta be awful. And she is always feeling sick, which only makes things tougher.

6) Ms. I-already-know-what-you-are-about-to-say-and-instead-of-listening-I'll-cut-you-off-to-tell-you-how-wrong-you-are:
Obviously, her behavior stems from a sense of superiority. Why should she waste her very-valuable time listening to you and whatever you have to say, if she can instead just cut you off?

7) Ms. My-ideas-are-great-and-my-opinions-are-right-and-by-default-you-are-wrong-until-I-tell-you-the-truth:
This is the most self important person you know. It's not that she thinks you are lower than her, she simply IS better. And her ideas are always good, her opinions always right. Like this lady at work. She was trying to give me a proof about something, and used her diabetic mother as an example. "You don't know anything about diabetes, so I'll explain it to you." I don't-what? See, it simply didn't occur to her that I might know. I CAN'T know. She hasn't told me yet!

8) Ms. I'll-say-what-I-need-to-so-you-feel-good-and-then-I'll-forget-all-about-it-and-never-act-on-it-like-I-promised:
These people can be reffered to euphamistically as diplomatic, but they are more of a politician, in reality.

9) Ms. I-speak-a-language-that-you-don't-speak-and-I-will-use-it-when-you-are-around-even-though-it-will-make-you-really-curious-about-what-I'm-saying-and-then-I'll-make-you-feel-really-dumb-if-you-ask-for-a-translation:
It could be Yiddish, French or Spanish. Or Hebrew. For all I care it could be Swahili. Whatever it is, she is conversing with her husband, or some other privileged character who also speaks the foreign language, and conveniantly forgets that there are those at the table who don't speak Swahili.

10) Ms. Oh-my-gosh-you-are-hilarious-you-make-me-roll-ha-ha-ha-you-are-the-funniest-person-I-ever-met-and-I-will-laugh-every-time-you-open-your-mouth-without-waiting-to-hear-if-you-are-making-a-joke-or-not:
She might be enjoyable at first, she gives you lots of attention, she provides a nice ego seems nice, superficially. But honestly- it's not. You open your mouth amidst laughter, and utter something competely serious and most definitely lacking in humor. You expect the laughter to stop, and it doesn't. Then you realize: the laughter has nothing to do with you and your sense of humor. It's just her.... But I don't know what this behavior stems from. It's just bizzare.

Do you know all of these? Which other kinds of annoying people do you know?


BigChamor21 said...

I dont understand what you mean by number 4. Number 7 is my brother-in-law. I like how you described number 8. Swahili brings me back to 9th grade, but really its not another language that's annoying, it's when people near you break off into a whole seperate conversation about something only they two can understand, referring to personal jokes and laughing laughing laughing--I do think most of us are guilty of this at some time or another though....I HATE number 10. HATE THEM!

halfshared said...

I. am. so. not. talking. to. you. again!!!

frum single female said...

yes, i know alot of people like 5 and six. they are quite annoying. i have one friend who always has to be sicker than everyone else and isnt it horrible. she is, but enough already. there are alot of number sixes around too. they think what they have to say is sooo important . meanwhile i could care less about what they have insisted on interrupting me to say on top of the fact that i have to wait for them to finish before i can continue my train of thought. this is provided i still remember what it was i had been trying to say.

Anonymous said...

hey sd! hope this doesn't come off the wrong way but i've seen lately that your posts have been complaining about people. don't mean to sound all mussary, but sd give em a chance! dan lechaf zechus please! maybe ms. Oy-I-have-such-aches-and-pains really has aches and pains, or is going through difficult times and just wants a lot of sypathy. and maybe it's not that its perfectly ok to happen to other people, but that it's easier to see the good in other's situtations and harder in your own. and how about ms Oh-my-gosh-you-are-hilarious-you-make-me-roll-ha-ha-ha-you-are-the-funniest-person-I-ever-met-and-I-will-laugh-every-time-you-open-your-mouth-without-waiting-to-hear-if-you-are-making-a-joke-or-not. maybe she's very insecure, and desperate for a friend so she laughs to make you like her. how about Ms. I'll-say-what-I-need-to-so-you-feel-good-and-then-I'll-forget-all-about-it-and-never-act-on-it-like-I-promised. i personally know im sometimes like that... but its really and truely out of forgetfullness. i don't mean to let anyone down. i do mean what i said, and if you gave me a simple reminder i'd jump to do it right away, but i don't just say things. and how about Ms. I-speak-a-language-that-you-don't-speak-and-I-will-use-it-when-you-are-around-even-though-it-will-make-you-really-curious-about-what-I'm-saying-and-then-I'll-make-you-feel-really-dumb-if-you-ask-for-a-translation maybe she struggles with english (ya know english isn't the only launguge in the world!) and when she talks to her husband she just (accidently) automatically goes back to swahili cuz it's easier for her. im sure you've had a time where you were in the middle of a conversation with someone and someone else comes up to you, and while you're all still talking you suddenly remind one of the girls about a funny experience related to the topic the other girl doesn't know about. there are always points in time where we don't have to know everything. there is no dier need to know they're discussion. if the husband and wife were whispering quietly and urgently in english would you feel the same way. i could go on but this is getting reeeeeeeeeeeeally long. and one last note on the kallah thing. i know it's really annoying to live with cuz my sister just got married, but just think about it for a second. this girl has just met her chosson, the man she will iy"H spend the rest of her life with. she's happy!! ever seen a little kid with a new toy they've wanted forever? they're excited and'll go around for days telling people about it. and about your friend who couldn't go to lunch with you because of her husband. sd your life changes after marrige. you're not able to do everything you used to do! but it doesn't mean your friend is trapped or anything. it means she's so happy that she wants to spend time with her husband! wow that's everything all at once. sorry! have a good night

Inspired said...

My-eleven-year-old-brother-or-my-sister-in-laws-friend-sister-does-this-and-that. This always seems to come up in every conversation no matter what the topic is.

The language thing is so true. I see it happening a lot and it really irks me. I try to be super careful with it ;-)

corner point said...


Seriously laughed reading this...

Something Different said...

BC- heh, you of all people should know number 4's. They are the ones who don't have a life outside of their texts, IMs, emails and facebook. In short, contacting them via telephone would not work. 7...would that be H? I so coulda guessed.
So is Ms. I-have-a-private-joke-that-you-dont-know-about-and-I-will-throw-it-in-your-face part of number 9 or just a distant cousin.
Am I number 10 to you? :-O

HS- Rofl. You will be featured in my next blog post. ;-)

FSF- So your fives- are they also living miserable lives or would they be fine if they could stop being so sick? ;-)

Anon- ok, here is the part that wasn't in the post in case any of my coworkers would ever find this. Fact is, all ten of these people are my coworkers. And, just so you know, my coworkers all adore me. I am, without a doubt, unanimously, the most well liked person in my department. I like all of my coworkers, (well, except number 7. I can't STAND her.) and they all like me. I consider many of them my friends. I don't think these things make them bad people, just that I can get nervous from them after a long day at work.
The same is true about the kallah thing. I don't look down at them. I say I always say I will be the worst kallah of all. Fact remains that there is something weird about kallahs, and nobody but a diehard kallah will ever deny it.
And I was thinking to start out by asking you if you know me IRL, but decided not to, cuz you obviously don't. I am a very positive person. Gimme an outlet! :-)

Insp- oh gosh I forgot her!
You're really good about the lang thing, don't worry. :-)

CP- this is my life you are laughing at.


BigChamor21 said...

Hey, you can always reach me by phone, and I don't know anyone I want to talk to that I can't do the same.
H is number 7 alright, DUH.
And no you are not my number 10, you usually laugh when you are supposed to....

Something Different said...

BC- THat's cuz you havent met the lovebirds when they are separated. :-D

BigChamor21 said...


Something Different said...

BC- when Mr. Lovebird is not at Mrs. Lovebird's side, she is texting him, without a doubt. And if she does answer me, it's backed up by "oh my husband just texted me something about that!"

BigChamor21 said...

Sorry I still don't know what you are talking about.

lvnsm said...

funny stuff :)

Mushkie said...

Anon: that's exactly what I was thinking, but SD needs a place to vent, who are we to complain :D. Right now it's raining (it's officially winter but Australia doesn't know what winter is) and the sun is shining. This is venting with a smile.

frum single female said...

good question. the number five that i know has various physical and mental illnesses that i think that this has just become who she is. still, im not sure how she would be if she didnt have any of these ailments.

CJ Srullowitz said...

I am forever annoyed, lulei demistaifna, by people who talk on their cell phones on buses, as if there is noone else on the bus. And as if they didn't care for their privacy.


Anonymous said...

so you have just described people. nothing impressive. I am with everyone who says you are being negative. that's why i don't blog anymore, most of the blogs are rants and negative comments on people and society around them

Something Different said...

BC- Sorry, cant explain in a public forum. Feel free to call. :-D

LVNSM- Yeah, when it's happening to somebody else. LOL

Mushkie- er, I guess I am taking that as a compliment.

FSF- Oysh. I guess we shouldn't make fun of her. She has a right to complain, huh? (Just...not to you...)

CJS- Yeah, those are awful. I mentioned them in a different post. But I feel bad for them, more than find them annoying.

Anon- I am sorry you don't find my blog impressive. I do. :-D You are not obligated to read or enjoy my blog, but it's a shame, cuz i have plenty of positive posts. :-)

Floating Reflections said...

How about the Ms-I-can-run-your-life-so-much-better-than-you type, but please don't get me started on when they decide to 'help-you-out' with shidduchim.

Mikeinmidwood said...

number seven I can pin on a few people, how annoying it really is.

Something Different said...

FR- Yeah, I wrote a post about her under the name Nosey Shadchan. She is the one who tells you to dress better or to go on a diet or to use pimple cover up.... OY.

MIM- Yeah, she should really be number 1. As a general rule, I get along with everyone in the world. Except her.

Anonymous said...

you forgot to add theses ms's the ms. look you up and down while talking to you or approaching you or even across the hall.... very common person as well. did you do- (i dont have the list in front of me) the ms. know everything about everything and everyone... every word is i know, i know... also theres also ms leech which is self explainatory...that all of a sudden became your best friend somewhere out of the blue without your knowlegde and greets you with the sacrine cheesy hi and smile (and expecting a hug or something)and the feeling is FAR from mutual. oh and one more for now(btw thanks for the venting oppertunity ;-)) the ms interruter- which is also self explanatory with that intro but shes the one who thinks whatever she says is more important than what the other has to say so she interrupts you midsentence and even if you mention it to her it goes over the top of her head.... thats it for now.... thanks again for the service ;-)

Something Different said...

Anon- nice additions. Maybe I should have a weekly rant where I will allow only anonymous comments.... what a nice public service. :-) What do you think? ;-)

Anonymous said...

its a good idea! as you can see i may be able to use it!! and especially if its anonymous ;-)
btw- sorry for the spelling mistakes...but as long as you got the idea.... ;-)

Something Different said...

Anon- I have a different idea for a weekly series, I hope you like it better. But you can always rant in the comments section of my posts, even if there is no connection... ;-)