Sunday, September 13, 2009

Life's Ctrl-Z

Once while typing
A report for school,
I suddenly felt
Like a real big fool.
I highlighted it all,
Pressed backspace,
And suddenly it was gone
Without a trace!
Now one would think
Disaster had struck,
But no, good news,
I am in luck!
Because at this
Important junction,
I recalled that the computer
Has a nifty function,
Getting my work back
Couldn't be more easy,
I thought as I deftly
Pressed on the ctrl-z.
And there my report
Sat on the screen,
While I smiled,
Remained serene.
Now google is getting
Into the act,
If a person is quick
Enough to react.
When sending an email
And changing your mind,
That little "undo"
Is what you will find.
You press it quick,
And then you see,
Your email's delivery
Won't ever be!
But we get a bit spoiled,
Using these tricks,
We start to expect there,
To be that quick fix.
And sometimes in life,
We make a mistake,
We do some things wrong,
Or there's rules that we break.
And we look around,
Eyes down in shame,
For we know deep down,
This isn't a game.
We know that we need
That "undo" setting,
But it's not there,
And we start sweating.
How can we attempt
To abolish the decree?
Where is our friend,
Good 'ol Ctrl-z?
But now it is Elul
And G-d is calling.
Yet here we are,
We just keep stalling.
So He says "My child,
Come to me!
Here's your chance,
For life's ctrl-z!"
It might look hard,
But let me say,
It really is,
The easy way.
There are so many
Actions that we regret,
And we haven't really,
Repented yet.
But at long last,
What we've waited for,
It's here now,
Knocking at our door.
Fellow yidden,
It's time to grow,
With the installation of
Elul 1.0!


Freeda said...

All I can say is Wow! SO true. We have to remember that tshuva is a gift and use it to its utmost...

itsagift said...

That is a great poem! I love the way you brought out the lesson of teshuva with my favorite combo on the computer - ctrl z!!

MAK said...

Thank you for that, love that poem, and it's fantastic reminder :)

Anonymous said...

Beautifully written and so true! Can I use it for my 11th grade students?

Mushkie said...

Hey, that's gorgeous! Permission to spread?

Something Different said...

Freeda- Yep, it sure is!

IAG- It's your favorite also?? ;-)

MAK- My pleasure! Glad you liked...

Anon and Mushkie- Email me: just a blob at gmail dot com