Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Top Ten Manifestations of Murphy's Law

This week's Top Ten Tuesday is a continuation of my post about Big Chamor's wedding last week. It's interesting to note that, not only did Big Chamor help me write this post, but she actually told me to include Murphy's Law of Important Dates, which states that you will get a cold or some other illness whenever there is an important event, such as a wedding. It is further interesting to note, that she mentioned that before her wedding...

10) Murphy's Law of Brothers: Items in the house will start to break about fifteen minutes after your most handy brother leaves for a month in yeshivah.

9) Murphy's Law of Cell Phone Batteries: Your cell phone battery will die just when you get lost in a strange and dangerous neighborhood after sunset.

8) Murphy's Law of Coming On Time To Work: Your father will receive a super important phone call which can not be disturbed...exactly at the minute you need him to drive you to work.

7) Murphy's Law of The Great Outdoors: The sky will be beautiful the entire time you are setting up an elaborate picnic in the great outdoors. It will only start to rain as the guests arrive and start to eat. Alternatively, the sky will open up as you reach the halfway point in a four mile hike.

6) Murphy's Law of Cooking For Shabbos: The food will burn on the week that you are having important guests.

5) Murphy's Law of Babysitting: The baby will always start to cry inconsolably a minute before the parents get home, leaving them to think that the baby was wailing the entire time and you are an awful babysitter.

4) Murphy's Law of Tollbooths: You will always pick the toll lane where the guy will have a problem with his EZ-Pass and take forever. Or the lane with the guy who looks suspicious and needs to wait for a police to come and check his car put.

3) Murphy's Law of Yom Tov: The shabbos lamp will die on the first night of yom tov. It will never, ever, die on a regular week night.

2) Murphy's Law of Clean spaces: The kid will only throw up on a freshly washed floor. Alternatively, the kid will throw up on a brand new carpet or in a car on its way home from the showroom.

1) Murphy's Law of Wedding Outfits: The first time you wear your new, expensive, and (in your opinion) young, stylish outfit to a wedding there will be a lady that's your grandmother's age wearing the same outfit. Alternatively, the same outfit will be worn by the biggest nerd you've ever met.


Happygirl said...

lol that is really funny and yea so true

Freeda said...

Great list.

SOme additions...
Murphy's Law of Work: Your boss will walk by during the minute and a half that you are checking your email.

Murphy's Law of Lost Suitcases: Lost suitcases will be delivered to your apartment on the last day of your vacation, right when you're ready to head home.

Murphy's Law of Friends: When you NEED a friend to talk to they'll all be busy.

But we needa keep in mind that Murphy has no control over our life- it's Hashem running it...

itsagift said...

Very true!
Good point, Freeda. I like your last line!

Dude with hat (aka BTS) said...

I find some in the middle more interesting than #2 and #1

thinking out loud said...

great list! and freeda, great additions - especially the one with the boss, somehow he only walks by when you're not working...

these things always happen to me, but now that i can share them with all of you, i just can't seem to remember them. guess murphy stroke again! :-p

tembow said...

Don't you think Edward Murphy would be pleased to know that SD has a whole long list of all his laws!?!

Mikeinmidwood said...

I like to break the law.

Word verification: fable

Keels said...

Excuse me for saying so, but I don't feel this is right.
We just celebrated Rosh hashana,
saying that everything is sentenced and decided in advanced.
We are believing Jews - we know it's all Hashgacha Pratis and Hashem's providence.
Believing in any Murphy or anything else is wrong, even as a cute post.

halfshared said...

Very cute post. I'd like to remind you people though that Murphy's law does not strike very often so we have a lot to be grateful for.

Something Different said...

HG- Hey, welcome! Thanks. :-D

Freeda- Oh gosh, the one about the work is sooo true. I should have thought of it.

IAG- Thanks!

BTS- How would you have numbered them? And btw, the last one, to females, is the worst possible thing that could ever happen to a female...

TOL- That murphy, struck again!? Well, if you think of any more, feel free to add em!

TB- LOL. Tis an honor, no?

MIM- Specially these laws, huh?

Keels- I am sorry if this post upset you. I wouldn't chas veshalom think that anyone other than Hashem has any measure of control over my life. I just meant this list as a slightly humorous and lighthearted way of looking at things that go wrong. :-)

HS- Very true, thanks for the reminder. :-)

Bracha Tova said...

LOL # 9 is like my biggest fear! And I always get in the wrong line at the grocery store and it takes forever!! Thanks for the laugh ;)

Bracha Tova said...

lol Hilarious! # 9 is my biggest fear....and I always choose the longest line at the grocery store! ;) Thanks for the laugh!