Saturday, May 16, 2009


While we do have internet in my house, most of my family isn't too internet savvy. My mother recently figured out how to sign into yahoo, and shocked the living daylights out of me by sending me an Instant Message. In truth, it was a long message and I am pretty sure she was trying to email me. Oh, and did I mention that it was a request for me to make supper? ;) MP isn't too technologically inclined either. She had a document to print the other day, and went into a state of total panic. I was enjoying watching her grovel, but eventually I took pity on her and I went to help. I told her to connect the printer's USB cable to the computer. She looked confused. USB cable? What's that? In a remarkable display of patience, I showed her the end of the cable, and how it magically fit perfectly into the USB port of the computer.
So I can blog with confidence, pretty sure that nobody in my family would stumble upon my blog. Now, recently, at the shabbos table, my mother said a devar torah, and mentioned that it was from a blog she reads. I chocked over my chicken soup, as my family turned to me, the computer geek, for an explanation. I put my acting skills to use, and looked scandalized. "Why would anyone think I know anything about blogs?" To some extent, they believed me, but they know that there aren't too many big buzzwords on the net that I don't know anything about. So I called upon my limited knowledge of blogs, and I explained.
"A blog is pretty dumb," I began. "It's basically this online diary, that for some inexplicable reason, people decide to share with the general population of the world." My father looked a little confused. "So why would someone start a blog?" I decided to grab my opportunity. "Well, basically, a blogger (-I think that's what they call people who have blogs, but I can't be so sure-) is a really self-centered person who has this mistaken impression that there are actually people that are interested in reading the not-very-exciting going-ons of their lives." My father summed it up marvelously. "So basically, a blog is dumb." I nodded in complete agreement. Now I am pretty confident that if they find my blog, they would never suspect someone with as much to do as me, and as much self respect as me, and as much caution and sense as me to start something as dumb as a blog.
I wouldn't bother to correct them.

Not long after that exchange, I found the following description of blogs. It summed the whole thing up so splendidly, I was laughing. Unfortunately, there was not much post-able, as the author obviously doesn't share the same standards of clean language as I do, but here is the first, clean paragraph:

Blogger: Term used to describe anyone with enough time or
narcissism to document every tedious bit of minutia filling their uneventful
lives. Possibly the most annoying thing about bloggers is the sense of
self-importance they get after even the most modest of publicity. Sometimes it
takes as little as a referral on a more popular blogger's website to set the
lesser blogger's ego into orbit...

And, the saddest part's true. So, if anyone has a more popular blog, feel free to get to work on my ego. My mother insists that it can't possibly get any more inflated than it is now, but let's test it. ;-)


Inspired said...

LOL! Good job in covering up;)

Now I get why you were not afraid that your sis will discover your blog...

Bas~Melech said...

As the president of the ILCC, way to alienate your readers, girl: Accuse your fellow bloggers of being narcissistic and dumb.

Actually, I think that description describes twitter more than blogging. BLOGGERS are people who think they have something meaningful to share. TWEETERS are the ones with enough time or
narcissism to document every tedious bit of minutia filling their uneventful
lives. (breathed... breathed more... still breathing...)

nmf #7 said...

If you think that blogs are dumb, well, then why do you write one?
Just curious.

little sheep said...


Something Different said...

Insp- didn't you always know I'm brilliant?

B~M- My gosh. Chill m'dear, chill.
Firstly, I am a blogger too, so obviously I don't really mind them too much. And, remember, I'm friends with more than one blogger, so I obviously tolerate em. ;-)
And, what would you say? "Hey listen bloggers rock. I'm a blogger myself, so I really know about it. Blogs are these meaningful little niches on the web where people can record their sometimes meaningful, sometimes insightful, sometimes humorous observations on life."
I could have said that, but that would be a perfect way to launch my family into an obsession with blogs, and I'd have to shut BOSD down...or at least tale down every post that mocks anyone in my family, which amounts to the same thing.
And it's a good point about twitter/blogs. I signed u for twitter, thinking I'd make myself an online log book, bit I realized that it was NOT what I was looking for so....

NMF- My blog isn't dumb. LOL
Kidding, see above.

LS- Glad I could help!

G6 said...

I hate to break this to you, but your ruse "might" have worked in case they ever found your blog, if you hadn't put up THIS post :D ....

Something Different said...

G6- please, call me SD. No need to be so formal. :-p
And in truth, I was trying to keep them away from reading blogs in general. If anyone in my family would read my blog, or anyone who knows my personality, they'd know in an instant it was me. This is simply me. It's how I talk. I used to be all crazy about trying to hide my identity, so that people who read it and know me won't know it's me, but I've since realized that it's a futile effort. My blog is me, through and through. (So if you like my blog you seriously gotta meet me...;)

MAK said...

Heh, waqy to go to get them off your back. My family is the same, but my brother is more tech-savvy. Fortunately for me however, the only blog he has any interest in is Frum Satire. Other than that, he's usually on the discussion boards for his favorite hobbies. And as for typing style, the way I type is the way I talk (minus the misspellings.)

Mikeinmidwood said...

So youre saying people with blogs lasting twice as long as others are twice as dumb, or is it supposed to be a compliment somehow?

The Child Inside said...

You're right, really. It is pretty dumb to expect a bunch of strangers to care about your life when they don't even know who you are. I guess we just do it because we want to get things off our minds, and doing it without an audience doesn't work as well. It's a little disappointing though to realize that your audience is just people with nothing better to do than read your random stuff.

Something Different said...

MAK- yeah, it would be hard to talk with misspellings. LOL

MIM- nah, I have awe for a blogger who's been around for years. But also a tinge of 'why does be have so much free time?'

TCI- I have seen your blog. I think it's great. :-)

harry-er than them all said...

who cares what they think

"Blog as if no one were watching, write as if no one were reading, And link every link as if it were your last"

Something Different said...

HTTA- Not me. ANd good line! :-)